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Milwaukee Film kicks off 3rd annual film festival

Milwaukee Film kicks off 3rd annual film festival

The 2011 Milwaukee Film Festival brings world-class cinema to our fair city, featuring an intriguing line-up of films from around the world - and our own backyard.

Made in Milwaukee: A labor of love
Made in Milwaukee

A labor of love

In its ninth year, the annual festival has grown by leaps and bounds. But no matter how big Made in Milwaukee becomes, it's still all about the love.

A portrait of the past: Wisconsin’s tavern history and culture
A portrait of the past

Wisconsin’s tavern history and culture

A look into the state's tavern culture reveals the long and storied history of the corner bar.

Art under Glass: The 2011 Milwaukee Domes Art Festival
Art under Glass

The 2011 Milwaukee Domes Art Festival

Over 75 artists will transform the Domes this weekend for the 2nd annual festival, bringing fine art to Milwaukee's gold-medal winning park.

Winter Fest comes to Milwaukee

Winter Fest comes to Milwaukee

The new (indoor) event hopes to extend Milwaukee's festival season into the holidays with ten days of wintry, family-friendly activities.

German Fest: Milwaukee’s “original haus party”
German Fest

Milwaukee’s “original haus party”

This year's fest is better than ever, with a brewing competition, a battle of the bands, and all the German delicacies you know and love.

Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt comes to MPM

The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt comes to MPM

This fall, the Milwaukee Public Museum brings 150 ancient artifacts to the public view, offering a glimpse into the life and legacy of Egypt's enigmatic Queen.

Hurricane Story: A conversation with photographer Jennifer Shaw
Hurricane Story

A conversation with photographer Jennifer Shaw

The Milwaukee native visits Boswell Books with "Hurricane Story," a toy camera narrative of her evacuation from New Orleans just before Katrina made landfall.

Polish Fest lights up the lakefront

Polish Fest lights up the lakefront

Make room for pierogi and work on your best "na zdrowie!" Polish Fest is here and better than ever with a new Vodka Lounge and the return of the fireworks display.

Experimental Happy Hour: “Molecular Mondays” at Bar 360
Experimental Happy Hour

“Molecular Mondays” at Bar 360

Potawatomi's Bar 360 introduces a funky new cocktail menu, featuring a few interesting twists on the average martini.

Exploring Milwaukee with Ex Fabula

Exploring Milwaukee with Ex Fabula

The storytelling group begins a new project to document stories from our city's diverse communities, centered around the life and times of "terminal Milwaukeean" Tom Crawford.

Downtown welcomes Zaafaran, an experiment in culinary fusion

Downtown welcomes Zaafaran, an experiment in culinary fusion

The new restaurant hosts its grand opening tonight, featuring a diverse menu devoted to the intense, fragrant flavors of Southeast Asia.

Creative sustenance with MK-Eat

Creative sustenance with MK-Eat

TCD checks in with Daniel Kelly after the inaugural indie dinner party/fundraiser, and chats with The Parachute Project, winners of the first-ever MK-Eat grant.

A tavern crawl of “historic” proportions

A tavern crawl of “historic” proportions

Historic Milwaukee, Inc. offers a taste of Riverwest's heritage, one storied tavern at a time. History buffs and beer nerds: this is the pub crawl for you.

Funny Muthas: An ode to TV moms
Funny Muthas

An ode to TV moms

In honor of Mother's Day, a former latch-key kid pays tribute to the funniest mamas from the small screen.

UW-Waukesha hosts first annual Pride Prom

UW-Waukesha hosts first annual Pride Prom

UW-W hosts its first ever Pride Prom, offering college students and high school seniors "a festive experience that celebrates diversity and welcomes all."

Op/Ed: GOP’s campaign of fear misleads the public on Title X

GOP’s campaign of fear misleads the public on Title X

By law, abortion services are not paid for with federal funds. So why is the GOP saying otherwise in its attempt to defund Planned Parenthood?

Urban Gardens lead the way for water policy in Milwaukee

Urban Gardens lead the way for water policy in Milwaukee

In response to a proposed water shut-off, urban agriculture advocates are collaborating with the City to work on alternative systems and leading-edge policy.

Creativity at work: The Cultural Alliance embarks on a new path
Creativity at work

The Cultural Alliance embarks on a new path

The organization is expanding its mission to serve the M7 region's creative economy, starting with a new name. Say hello to Creative Alliance Milwaukee, Inc.

The Pfister names a Narrator: Hello, Stacie Michelle Williams
The Pfister names a Narrator

Hello, Stacie Michelle Williams

The new storyteller plans to delve into the history of the hotel and its colorful employees, giving voice to the untold stories housed within The Pfister.

Historic Milwaukee asks: What is Riverwest?
Historic Milwaukee asks

What is Riverwest?

For the 30th anniversary of its Spaces & Traces tour, Historic Milwaukee, Inc. honors the people and places of Milwaukee's most diverse neighborhood.

Milwaukeeans gear up for a P.O.W.E.R. walk

Milwaukeeans gear up for a P.O.W.E.R. walk

On Friday morning, more than 100 people will begin the 82 mile trek from Milwaukee to the State Capitol -- traveling entirely on foot.

Redefining “normal” to educate, build empowerment

Redefining “normal” to educate, build empowerment

With the program "Normal in Schools" director Robyn Hussa uses the arts to educate teens and stem the epidemic rise in eating disorders among young adults.

5Q: Sustainable living and design with Josh Foss

Sustainable living and design with Josh Foss

The self-styled "Metro Hippie" visits the NARI Home Improvement Show, offering tips on green living and DIY projects.

ADversary: Super Bowl ads- The Good, The Bad, The Strange

Super Bowl ads- The Good, The Bad, The Strange

For Super Bowl XLV car makers step it up, junk food gets weird and Groupon sets a new low.

“Blue Valentine” opens in Milwaukee

“Blue Valentine” opens in Milwaukee

Derek Cianfrance's tragic love story wowed audiences at the 2010 Milwaukee Film Festival.This weekend, the controversial drama returns to the Oriental Theatre.

Ridiculous Art: A Q&A with Chad Edwards
Ridiculous Art

A Q&A with Chad Edwards

An "art show for people who don't like art shows" opens tonight. Curator Chad Edwards discusses the exhibition-and the art of not taking yourself too seriously.

5Q: Fashion and Fairy Tales at Milwaukee Gay Arts Center

Fashion and Fairy Tales at Milwaukee Gay Arts Center

Pear Photography and actress Elizabeth Shipe re-imagine beloved fables - in fabric and on film - in the exhibit "Urban Fairy Tales," opening this Friday.

Milwaukee’s creative sector: Turning ideas into action
Milwaukee’s creative sector

Turning ideas into action

The Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee unveils key strategies on how to translate Milwaukee's creative assets into economic growth with "Creativity Works"

Pfister announces 2011 Artist in Residence finalists

Pfister announces 2011 Artist in Residence finalists

Get to know the artists - Anthony Suminski, Shelby Keefe, Jeremy Plunkett, Kate Pfeiffer, Steve Ohlrich and James Zwadlo - and cast your vote.

ADversary: White Out

White Out

Top-selling mag "Elle" is suspected to have dramatically lightened the skin of one of its cover models, furthering the harmful myth that whiter is better.

ADversary: DOOM!


Ok, not really. But if the first pop culture headlines in 2011 are any indication, it's going to be a rough year.

ADversary: Favorite commercials of 2010

Favorite commercials of 2010

After a disappointing batch of Super Bowl ads, the outlook for TV advertising seemed grim. Not so! My picks for some of the funnier ads of 2010.

Mummies of the World: Bridging the past to the present
Mummies of the World

Bridging the past to the present

Beginning today, the Milwaukee Public Museum will play host to over 150 rare visitors who have traveled a long way to get here -- both in distance and in time.

The Giving Season: Songs for the Soul
The Giving Season

Songs for the Soul

The holiday feast may be over, but plenty of Milwaukeeans are still hungry.This Saturday, Linneman's hosts local singer-songwriters hoping to change that.

Lions and Tigers and Zombies? Yes, please

Lions and Tigers and Zombies? Yes, please

The ladies of Broadminded Comedy are at it again with a hilarious series of musical sketches that poke fun at pop culture, politics and, of course, zombies.

The Giving Season: Cranksgiving
The Giving Season


Local bike messengers offer a different approach to charitable giving with an annual food drive on two wheels.

Art meets History at “Death of Industry”

Art meets History at “Death of Industry”

The Milwaukee Art Reform Syndicate invites creative minds to explore the city's industrial past -- and its rebirth.

MARN looks Beyond the Canvas

MARN looks Beyond the Canvas

The fruits of MARN's recent Menomonee Valley-inspired, multi-medium plein air event exemplify its growth and bright future. Check out the work this weekend at Helios.

Cardinal Stritch offers a French connection

Cardinal Stritch offers a French connection

The Fox Point campus opens its incarnation of the national Tournees Film Festival with a full month of innovative French cinema.

The Milwaukee Public Museum gets hoppin’

The Milwaukee Public Museum gets hoppin’

From the carnivorous African Bullfrog to the exotic Fire-Bellied Toad, the MPM's "Chorus of Colors" offers a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

The art of (slow) food

The art of (slow) food

Slow Food WiSE pairs "good, clean, fair food" with amazing works of art this weekend as part of the slow food movement's national day of action.

Would you be my date to the prom?

Would you be my date to the prom?

The annual Pedal Pusher Prom boasts "no free food, no free drinks-- just the most awesome night of your life." See you on the dance floor.

Support your local noisemakers

Support your local noisemakers

The Borg Ward was created with concepts of sustainability and shared responsibility at its core.Three years later, the collective is thriving in Walker's Point.

Waking up Milwaukee

Waking up Milwaukee

The All City People's Parade gives voice to Milwaukeean's hopes and fears, and celebrates the diversity of fair city with a larger-than-life parade.

Chez Jacques: brunch, a la francaise
Chez Jacques

brunch, a la francaise

Chez Jacques offers both traditional French fare and a twist on classic American breakfast favorites that will have you coming back for more.

ADversary: The doctor is out (of her mind)

The doctor is out (of her mind)

She should have left it at the apology. But instead, Dr. Laura turned a vitriolic rant into a self-serving sympathy campaign.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin turns 75

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin turns 75

From its humble beginnings as a volunteer clinic in Milwaukee in 1935, PPWI has grown to become Wisconsin's largest provider of reproductive health care.

How to make your best friend’s wedding cake (and not screw it up)

How to make your best friend’s wedding cake (and not screw it up)

Martha Stewart's got nothin' on this.

Words to live by: Be Good, Go Local
Words to live by

Be Good, Go Local

Julie Courtright wants to expand the GOOD Movement in Milwaukee. So she decided to hop on a pogo stick and get the conversation started.

ADversary: Gorge, Covet, Spend

Gorge, Covet, Spend

One privileged, affluent white woman's search for everything.

Do this, don’t do that

Do this, don’t do that

The summer of 2010 shall henceforth be known as the Summer of Boycotts. But it's sort of a good thing.

Mission to M.A.R.S.

Mission to M.A.R.S.

What are these rusty fans doing on the corner of 1st and Pittsburgh, and better yet, what is the Milwaukee Art Reform Syndicate?

Ride On: The Milwaukee Bike Plan
Ride On

The Milwaukee Bike Plan

The proposed plan would add over 300 miles of bicycle infrastructure to the city, making the streets safer and more accessible to cyclists. TCD talks to the Bike Fed's Kevin Luecke about his vision for a bike-friendly Milwaukee.

Gearing up for the Riverwest 24

Gearing up for the Riverwest 24

Last year, I rode for 22 hours and ended up with sore knees and a serious fear of bike seats. I can't wait to do it again. Find out how you can be a part of this amazing event.

Pure Evel

Pure Evel

The Harley Davidson Museum pays tribute to legendary American folk hero Evel Knievel with a career-spanning retrospective opening this weekend.

ADversary: Isolation? There’s an app for that

Isolation? There’s an app for that

Dear smartphone users: could you put it away during the show, please? You're blocking my view ... and being ridiculous.

Smoke ’em while you got ’em: The Polish Falcon
Smoke ’em while you got ’em

The Polish Falcon

People gather at the Falcon for cheap drinks, good conversation and most of all, a sense of community that will outlast this ban and other changes that the future may bring.

Sunday Brunch: siga siendo mi corazon
Sunday Brunch

siga siendo mi corazon

Riverwest's Latin-inspired Cafe Corazon is a neighborhood gem and is perfect for low-key weekend brunching.

Happy Hour: Bob’s Punch
Happy Hour

Bob’s Punch

Robert Biermann serves up shots of his special "punch" on the regular, but like most recipes, it's never the same twice.

ADversary: Judging a book by its cover

Judging a book by its cover

Here's what happens when what could have been an unapologetic feminist anthem is rehashed in favor of shock value over substance.

Happy Hour: El Vencedor
Happy Hour

El Vencedor

Daniel Dufek offers up a fragrant and spicy twist on a classic summer cocktail, just in time for another warm weekend in Milwaukee.

5Q: The Tattooed Kingpin

The Tattooed Kingpin

Suspension acts, burlesque and live body modification : the Beer City Tattoo Convention rolls back into town this weekend.

Warrington Colescott: 60 years of satire
Warrington Colescott

60 years of satire

"Satire has always been an element in my work," says Colescott, "but as I got older, I began to attempt to say things that were a bit more complicated."

“No day but today”

“No day but today”

The Skylight Opera Theatre takes a risk and hits a high note with their production of Rent.

ADversary: Defending menses

Defending menses

"Hello, I'm looking for the Red Tent" --Kotex takes the schlock out of feminine hygiene.

“The first art disaster movie”

“The first art disaster movie”

Banksy never intended to make a film. He didn't intend to create an "art" monster either, but sometimes these things just happen.

City officials take a holistic approach to public safety

City officials take a holistic approach to public safety

After three fatal shootings in nine months, Riverwest calls upon its residents and elected officials to proactively curb crime

Milwaukee protests Arizona’s SB 1070

Milwaukee protests Arizona’s SB 1070

Thousands of people marched down National Avenue Saturday calling upon President Obama to move on Immigration Reform. Words and photos from the march.

No bugs were harmed in the making of this art

No bugs were harmed in the making of this art

Roaches in bathwater, an all-beetle tribute to The Beatles and bugs masquerading as Victorian society folk. The RAM's latest infestation is a pleasant surprise.

ADversary: Culture Jamming the cereal aisle

Culture Jamming the cereal aisle

Is General Mills funding rain forest destruction? The short answer: maybe

Everything is fine: Q & A with Crispin Glover
Everything is fine

Q & A with Crispin Glover

What does it mean that taboo has been ubiquitously excised in this culture’s media? Crispin Glover wants you to think about it.

Threads: Street Scene

Street Scene

A handful of great looks that Threads found out on the town this Gallery Night

Making it Home

Making it Home

A regional film festival aims to help people re-connect with nature, and with each other.

Gallery Night guide:Party on the pavement
Gallery Night guide

Party on the pavement

TCD's picks for where to go and what to see this Gallery Night --plus a chance to win tickets to "Street Seen" at the MAM.

ADversary: Impending doom

Impending doom

Do you ever get the feeling that our culture is becoming increasingly more like the movie Idiocracy? No, really.

Making a comeback: Broad Vocabulary
Making a comeback

Broad Vocabulary

After a year of grassroots organizing, Milwaukee's feminist bookstore is back in business.

ADversary: Video Gaga

Video Gaga

Murder, jailhouse nudity and...Miracle Whip? Seriously, what's up with "Telephone?"

MFF Winter Review: Lola Montes
MFF Winter Review

Lola Montes

After reaching the peak of her career, Lola Montes is forced to participate while her life is exploited, pandering to bloodthirsty crowds as the "repentant whore."

ADversary: Really, Lindsay?

Really, Lindsay?

On Wednesday, besmirched child star Lindsay Lohan filed suit against E-Trade for allegedly using her likeness in an ad that aired during the Super Bowl. Now she wants $100 million.

ADversary: Whopper in Paradise

Whopper in Paradise

There's nothing like a flame-broiled burger, framed by palm trees and glaring at you from the freeway.

Last Call: The S**t List
Last Call

The S**t List

This week in Last Call: Veteran bartendress Erin Petersen shares a few lessons in bar time etiquette.

Dear Valentine’s Day: No thanks
Dear Valentine’s Day

No thanks

Secret admirers, panty roses and cat vomit: a reflection of past valentines.

ADversary: That was it?

That was it?

TCD's Erin Lee Petersen introduces a new column that analyzes the advertising we consume on a daily basis - beginning with the most hotly debated ad in Super Bowl history.

You be the judge: help choose the Pfister’s 2010 AiR
You be the judge

help choose the Pfister’s 2010 AiR

Six Milwaukee artists vie for the city's most prestigious residency in a show at the InterCon's Gallerie M (you can vote, too!); painter Reggie Baylor reflects on his time at the Pfister.

Gallery Night January 2010: Highlights
Gallery Night January 2010


The first Gallery Night of 2010 is busting at the seams.

Uplifting Art: Bras for a Cause
Uplifting Art

Bras for a Cause

The Third Ward's friendliest "toy store" hosts an unlikely exhibit and fundraiser for Gallery Night.

The Christmas Virgin

The Christmas Virgin

TCD's Erin Petersen recounts the strange circumstances that led to her very first Christmas celebration at age 18.

5Q: Five questions for Vanessa Andrew

Five questions for Vanessa Andrew

Eclectic, artistic, utilitarian, decorative, one-of-a-kind: Madam Chino offers a local alternative to the malls this holiday season.

Ex Fabula wants to hear your story

Ex Fabula wants to hear your story

No diatribes, no pageantry, no one-man shows. Milwaukee's newest live storytelling event puts a modern twist on the age-old pastime.

Photo Gallery from the 2009 Milwaukee Zine Fest

Photo Gallery from the 2009 Milwaukee Zine Fest

Dozens of indie publishers and artists turn out for a day of DIY press, plus a few words from QZAP's Milo Miller.

Celebrating DIY Press: The 2009 Milwaukee Zine Fest
Celebrating DIY Press

The 2009 Milwaukee Zine Fest

Take in this all-day expo of handmade, independently produced radical literature from Milwaukee and beyond.

Fly Over Country soars at Racine Arts Council

Fly Over Country soars at Racine Arts Council

A fresh batch of work from four, exceptional local artists highlights some of the vibrancy being produced in the Midwest.

Help the hungry, feed your soul

Help the hungry, feed your soul

Flux Design pairs up with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin for the 6th Annual Feed Your Soul, using fine art to make a big impact on hunger in Milwaukee.

In Search of Gore: A selection of horror gold
In Search of Gore

A selection of horror gold

All the scary movies you'll need to prepare for a hauntingly eerie Halloween!

All in a day’s fun: Swan’s Pumpkin Farm
All in a day’s fun

Swan’s Pumpkin Farm

Amid rides, rows of corn and pumpkins for pennies per pound, TCD's Erin Petersen learns about holiday cheer with a trip to a nearby farm.

Gallery Night: Off the beaten path
Gallery Night

Off the beaten path

TCD guides you around the city to see the best Gallery Night ever.

ArtBeat: A Milwaukee Arts Extravaganza

A Milwaukee Arts Extravaganza

A funky, eclectic mix of art and performance combine to create a variety show like nothing you've ever experienced in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Film Fest opens with gala at Discovery World

Milwaukee Film Fest opens with gala at Discovery World

With high-speed races and an elegant party, MFF hosts an opening night to remember.

MFF Preview: Let’s Go To The Movies!
MFF Preview

Let’s Go To The Movies!

The 2009 Milwaukee Film Festival launches a whirlwind, 11-day event with a thrilling go-karting documentary, an over-the-top gala and loads of star-studded surprises.

All-City People’s Parade Weathers the Storm

All-City People’s Parade Weathers the Storm

The All-City People's Parade resurrects as part of Laborfest on Sept. 7.

On Peaches and Ropes: Better Sex with Midori and Lee Harrington
On Peaches and Ropes

Better Sex with Midori and Lee Harrington

Milwaukee's favorite "adult" boutique is hosting two fabulous sex educators this week: Midori and Lee Harrington, who talk to TCD about their philosophies and approaches.

What’s Happening: August 24-30
What’s Happening

August 24-30

The Florentine Opera comes to Riverwest, Brewcity Bruisers say 'thanks' with a free picnic and concert, MAM After Dark celebrates all things DIY and Motorhead proves you're never too old to shred.

The Tool Shed Presents : Sexy Summer School
The Tool Shed Presents

Sexy Summer School

Read on to see how you can win a free ticket to the Tool Shed's Sexy Summer School!

What’s Happening : August 17-23
What’s Happening

August 17-23

This week: gear up for the 2009 Gay Softball World Series with an art opening at the MKGAC, rock out WMSE's Radio Summer Camp and hit the lakefront for the Milwaukee Wine Festival and Mexican Fiesta.

What’s Happening: August 10-16
What’s Happening

August 10-16

This week: The Sugar Maple hosts another Pecha Kucha, fall in love with Daniel Johnston at Turner Hall, get a little Celtic at Irish Fest and do your part to make Milwaukee sparkle with a good old-fashioned clean-up in Estabrook Park.

What’s Happening : August 3-9
What’s Happening

August 3-9

Celebrate Domestic Partner provisions; Arab World Fest; 5K Run/Walks on the Hank Aaron Trail and the lakefront; Milwaukee gets inked; Pabst & Co. bring you the indie, pop, electonica and whatever it is Tori Amos is doing these days.

What’s Happening: July 27-August 2
What’s Happening

July 27-August 2

This week: Free summer concerts, beer and bubbly tastings, The Queer Zine Roadshow, Crosby, Still and Nash make a stop at The Riverside and Bradford Beach hosts its first triathlon.

What’s Happening: July 20-26
What’s Happening

July 20-26

This week: indie rock invaders, Milwaukee Film hosts a sudsy fundraiser, The Riverwest 24 and Downer Avenue Classic shred the streets, German Fest raises a few steins and a very special Gallery Night party - with US!

Pedaling Toward Progress: Part 4: The Bella Donnas
Pedaling Toward Progress

Part 4: The Bella Donnas

TCD's Summer Bike Series continues with The Bella Donnas- an all-female cycling group ready to make their mark in Milwaukee. Photos by Brian Jacobson.

What’s Happening

What’s Happening

Country legends come to Potawatomi, Brewing Grounds for Change contemplates the global water crisis, bonfires blaze at the beach and Festa Italiana lights up the lakefront.

Shuffling Priorities: How MARN is Pushing Art to the Top of The List
Shuffling Priorities

How MARN is Pushing Art to the Top of The List

In times of financial duress, priorities are re-structured and during the shuffle, funding for the arts is sent to the bottom of the pile. MARN's Executive Director Melissa Musante wants to make sure that the arts get shuffled back to the top.

What’s Happening: July 6-12
What’s Happening

July 6-12

This week: Jazz in the Garage, The Great Circus Parade, a whole slew of free flicks and The Man, The Myth, The Legend ... Tom Jones.

What’s Happening : June 29-July 5
What’s Happening

June 29-July 5

This week: Summerfest continues the rockin', The Oriental goes vintage for the premiere of Public Enemies and freshest ways to celebrate Independence Day!

The Man in the Mirror: A Tribute
The Man in the Mirror

A Tribute

TCD staff remembers The King of Pop.

Pedaling Toward Progress: Part Three: The Pedal Pusher Society
Pedaling Toward Progress

Part Three: The Pedal Pusher Society

In Part Three of TCD's June Bike Series, Erin Petersen checks in with The Pedal Pusher Society, Milwaukee's premier female bicycle gang. Photos by Brian Jacobson.

Meet The Pedal Pusher Society

Meet The Pedal Pusher Society

TCD introduces you to The Pedal Pusher Society, and the ladies that make the wheels spin! Photos by Brian Jacobson.

What’s Happening: June 22-28
What’s Happening

June 22-28

This week: Cycling through Kettle Moraine, WWE Smackdown (hell yeah!), movie screenings galore and of course, The Big Gig.

What’s Happening: June 15-21
What’s Happening

June 15-21

This week in Milwaukee: Movies on the Patio, WUWM discusses race relations in the city, summer festivals and Father's Day fun.

Pedaling Toward Progress: The Bike Federation of Wisconsin
Pedaling Toward Progress

The Bike Federation of Wisconsin

In part two of TCD's Summer Cycling Series, Erin Petersen talks with Shea Schachameyer, Encouragement Manager for the Bike Federation of Wisconsin and also the developer of Milwaukee's Bike Racks on Buses campaign.

What’s Happening: June 8-14
What’s Happening

June 8-14

This week in Milwaukee: Grizzly Bear attacks The Pabst, Milwaukee celebrates Pride, 48-Hour Film screenings and a crap-ton of free music!

Bike to Work Week schedule: June 6-12
Bike to Work Week schedule

June 6-12

Your complete guide to Milwaukee's bike to work week: pit-stops, press conferences, Bike to the Brewers game, bike-in movies and more.

The Riverwest 24

The Riverwest 24

It starts tonight! Here's our feature from June!

What’s Happening: June 1-7
What’s Happening

June 1-7

This week: $10 shows at The Pabst, abstract art, beer tasting from around the world and the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts. YAY SUMMER!

What’s Happening: May 25-31
What’s Happening

May 25-31

This week: Memorial Day Parade, beer tastings, cheap eats downtown and an evening with Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. Yay!

RACINE, Part two: Meerkats, sand dollars, 8 tracks and PROM
RACINE, Part two

Meerkats, sand dollars, 8 tracks and PROM

Our escapades in Racine continue with the zoo, a mad dash for kringle, the best thrift shopping on the I-94 corridor, and the main event: the 2009 Racine Prom.

SUMMER TRAVEL: RACINE: Jellyfish, biscuits and Marvin Gaye

RACINE: Jellyfish, biscuits and Marvin Gaye

Economic catastrophe got you down? Sad that a luxury vacation to an exotic locale isn't in your cards for at least five years, or possibly eternity? We know how you feel ... but we also know how to have fun, wherever, whenever and however. This summer, TCD and VITAL Source are proud to launch our SUMMER TRAVEL SERIES, featuring regular old people taking exceedingly uncommon day trips, staycations and adventure escapes to unexpected destinations in Wisconsin and (only slightly) beyond. To kick start the series, Racine native and all-around foxy lady Erin Petersen took Senior Editor Amy Elliott and Cultural Zero DJ Hostettler on a whirlwind day trip to Racine, WI, for art, prom and kringle.

What’s Happening: May 18-24
What’s Happening

May 18-24

This week- buy local and save, Museum Day(s), Animal Collective, Barbeque and the beach.

What’s Happening: May 11-17
What’s Happening

May 11-17

This week: free concerts, comfort food, fundraisers and the BEST RUMMAGE EVER.

Fasten Closes Storefront; Sparrow Takes Flight

Fasten Closes Storefront; Sparrow Takes Flight

On April 30, Fasten Collective closed the doors to its retail space in Bay View for good.  I’d heard murmurings here and there of the store closing, and like most people assumed that it was yet another beloved Milwaukee institution that sadly, fell victim to the economy. As it turns out, I was wrong. About a week prior to the actual closing, owner Janelle Gramling (and designer behind the label Little Ocean) sent out an oddly upbeat newsletter, announcing the end of Fasten’s storefront that at the same time assured friends and customers that Fasten the collective was still alive and well. While Fasten will no longer operate as a storefront, a new cooperative would move in immediately, working to uphold Fasten’s local arts mission while at the same time broadening the store’s inventory by offering wares from around the nation. Enter Sparrow Collective, the joint venture of local artist/designers Jessica Franzen and Lisa Wierzbinski.  Franzen and Wierzbinski have been Fasten members since about 2007, and both sold their designs and have volunteered at the store up until now. I chatted it up with the Sparrow ladies and Fasten’s Janelle Gramling about the decision to close Fasten and what this new collective means for Milwaukee’s craft/DIY scene. TCD: What lead you to close Fasten? JG: The decision to close Fasten was a hard one to make.  Myself and the member designers were really accomplishing Fasten’s mission successfully – we brought together dozens of local designers and artists, gave them the opportunity to show their work, sell their work, and participate in the gallery/retail operation.  Our nurturing atmosphere was really beginning to yield some great talent, the products in the store growing more and more impressive.  However, after over three years in business, the store had yet to turn a profit.  It became increasingly difficult for me to keep up with the demands of overseeing the store (even with the great help of volunteer designers), and I found myself sacrificing time that I wanted to spend on my own label. I knew that there were things that had to be done to keep the store open.  Bringing in designers from out of town, shifting the focus away from clothing and bringing in new more gifty items, and changing consignment rates were all ideas on the table.  But I strongly felt as though those changes were all counter to Fasten’s local arts mission. TCD: How was Sparrow created? JG: Jessica and Lisa were member designers volunteering at Fasten a lot.  After I started talking with the members about having a hard time keeping things together, they came to me and let me know that they were interested in starting something up.  I was relieved that someone had the guts to make it happen and keep the space alive. JF: I always wanted to own my own business and once Janelle announced that she needed to leave the boutique business, We saw it has an open window to take a chance.  I think […]

What’s Happening: May 4-10, 2009
What’s Happening

May 4-10, 2009

This week: experimental music, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival and a Mother's Day brunch guide that will FINALLY get your mom off your back. Maybe.

Celebrate easy Green Living at The Domes

Celebrate easy Green Living at The Domes

The Green Living Festival shows Milwaukee how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fasten Collective store closing

Fasten Collective store closing

TCD received this press release today regarding the closing of Fasten designer collective store in Bay View.  Fasten will continue to thrive in Milwaukee, however the store front will now be filled by Sparrow Collective. Read on for more details! Dear Fasten Patrons, The Fasten Co-op was established way back in 2003 as an idea. That idea flourished into a storefront three-and-a-half years ago. And Fasten has been the go-to place for Milwaukee designers who want to establish and promote their work, and fashion connoisseurs who want to support locally handmade clothing. It’s been such a pleasure to do business in Bayview with all of you awesome people, designers and customers alike. But at the end of April, Fasten will no longer be a store. Never fear! There will still be a place for Milwaukee to buy handmade awesomeness! A collective under new management has sprouted in our place! Sparrow Collective is the new store bringing you much of the same exact things you loved at Fasten, PLUS unique handmade items from out-of-state designers, and new types of items like pottery and home goods. Fasten will live on and continue to promote and support local designers, artists, and musicians, only now without a permanent brick-and-mortar home. Please stay in touch with us! Our blog will be updated more than ever with style updates, artists interviews, and info on events happening all over the city. And keep your eyes open for some awesome runway, art, and music events that we will be producing later this year! Thank you all for the support and friendship over the years! XOXO -Fasten      

Carousel Resurrects the Slide Projector

Carousel Resurrects the Slide Projector

Last Friday, on the hottest and most beautiful day of the year, it was difficult to stay indoors. But the promise of a quirky and intriguing slide show was tempting enough to bring me in. As I settled into my seat in the back room of Woodland Pattern, I didn't know what to expect from my first Carousel.

What’s Happening: April 27-May 3
What’s Happening

April 27-May 3

Welcome to What's Happening, your weekly guide to the goings-on.

Party like it’s 1933: A night on the town with TCD
Party like it’s 1933

A night on the town with TCD

The TCD crew takes you on guided tour of Depression Era cocktails for the 21st century.

Gallery Night Guide: April 17, 2009
Gallery Night Guide

April 17, 2009

Where to go and what to see on Gallery Night.

Carousel: 35mm Slideshow @ Woodland Pattern

35mm Slideshow @ Woodland Pattern

Celebrating the artistic possibility and readily available charms of a technology and a medium being shuffled off to obsolescence, Carousel: The 3rd Annual Milwaukee Invitational 35mm Slide Show invites a diverse – and cross country – league of artists to work in a form they haven’t tackled before: they were each asked to generate a slide show of 35mm still images. The yet-to-be seen results will be unfurled Friday, April 24 at 7pm at Woodland Pattern Book Center. The show starts at 7pm and is $4. Woodland Pattern Book Center is located at 720 E Locust and at The invited artists this year include: Brian Perkins (Milwaukee); Kimberly Miller (Milwaukee); Warehouse Cinema (Milwaukee): Patrick Gulke & Drew Kunz (Bainbridge Island, Washington); Jennifer Kelly (Brooklyn); John Orth & Alan Calpe (Gainesville / Brooklyn); Angela Deane (New York City); and more! Presented annually by the Film Department at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Woodland Pattern Book Center, Carousel works like this: organizers Naomi Shersty and Carl Bogner – both instructors in the UWM Film Department – send a roll of slide film out to a variety of talented, creative folk, individuals and collaborative teams. The roster of artists this year includes photographers, visual artists, filmmakers, animators, poets, performance artists, and a film projector performance collaborative.

Beyond The Fonz

Beyond The Fonz

Notes from FUEL Milwaukee’s “Beyond the Fonz” event this week at the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

Lincoln Park Part Two: Denouement
Lincoln Park Part Two


It’s official: Takashi Soga’s proposal has been approved for the Lincoln Park site. On March 13, the public art committee voted in favor of Soga’s project, bringing some closure (for now) to what has been an arduous and controversial process. First things first, though: some corrections and clarifications need to be made. In Part One of this piece I included an excerpt from a press release written by Pegi Taylor of IN:SITE, and also stated that Soga’s project would cause the City of Milwaukee to incur an additional $100,000 on top of the $250,000 budget for this site. I was able to obtain Takashi Soga’s official proposal (not available in time for Part One) and verified that each of Soga’s proposed pieces would stay within the amount allotted. However, the hubbub was not because of an additional $100K; it was simply that this amount of the budget would be spent on design fees, a misinterpretation on my part. Despite the fact that the piece will stay within the budget, IN: SITE still questions whether $100K in design fees is “appropriate … for a piece Soga has already designed.” IN: SITE raises the question as to whether or not the design fees are “paying for [Soga’s] name.” In Part One, I also reported that a proposal by local artists John Riepenhoff, Cat Pham and Sarah Luther was included in the top five submissions. It has come to my attention by  selection committee member Barbara Opferman that this is also incorrect. Though an innovative concept, this project was not a finalist for the selection committee. However, it was favored by IN: SITE as a superior design. That’s what we know now. Here’s what you may not know. The Takashi Soga decision was not made overnight. In fact, the selection process for the Lincoln Park site began over a year ago when the original call for artists went out. At that time, however, the selection committee was not able to make a unified decision. “We interviewed 3 artists,” says Opferman, “They were from Chicago, Iowa, and Canada. I believe we received about 10 responses from the community at that meeting. As a board, we were unable to come to a consensus for a variety of aesthetic and practical reasons, which is why we revised the RFP and decided to repeat the process.” The second RFP went out in November 2008 and over 100 entries were reviewed. Local sculptor Richard Taylor sat on the public art selection committee for this second round of submissions. “We narrowed it down to a group of 6 or 8 potential artists, and with further discussion on each of these, found something to object to in all of them except Takashi Soga’s work,”   Taylor says, adding, “There were a number of us on the committee who immediately reacted to Soga’s work as rising above all other entries.” The principal objections to the other proposals were based on their vulnerability to vandalism, whether the materials used would stand up to […]

The Battle for Lincoln Park

The Battle for Lincoln Park

    The turnout for the Milwaukee County Public Art Committee meeting at Lincoln Park on March 7th was surprisingly low. For a moment, I thought that I’d gone to the wrong place. It was a particularly dismal day, and as the rain made soup of the lush green landscape, it was hard to keep the cold out of the dated clubhouse we met in. Japanese sculptor Takashi Soga was there to present his proposal for a permanent art piece in Glendale’s Lincoln Park. It’s possible that Soga does not realize the buzz that his proposed project has created, or that some members of the art community feel slighted and shut out of this pricey decision. Against such a gloomy backdrop, you had to feel for him as he addressed a room of skeptics, trying to articulate his artistic vision in broken English. So what’s the big deal? In September 2008, the MCPAC sent out a call to artists for the Lincoln Park site- over 3,000 emails, roughly- and received over 100 applications. A selection committee was formed and they chose a short list of artists, based on their concepts for the space. According to the committee’s RFP, artists on the short list would then have the opportunity to interview with the committee and preview their concept to the public. In this case, the selection committee initially made a short list of five applicants, but later decided to short list Soga alone because they felt that his piece was the most significant out of the group.  Soga was the only artist invited to present, implying to some that this was, in essence, a done deal. There’s also the issue of funding. The total public art budget for Lincoln Park is about $250,000, however Soga’s proposals will need an additional $100,000 from the city. In a press release from IN: SITE, a resource for temporary public art in Milwaukee, IN: SITE Chair and MCPAC member Pegi Taylor outlines the additional costs: $100,000 design $40,000   materials $60,000  fabrication $20,000  foundation $20,000  installation and transportation $10,000  insurance Taylor also argues that the piece proposed by Soga is similar to sculptures that he’s installed in other cities, and says that the pieces are “cookie cutter.” Local artist and co-owner of The Green Gallery John Riepenhoff also voiced his concerns at the public meeting. Riepenhoff, along with  artists Cat Pham and Sarah Luther also submitted a proposal for the site and made it into the top five selections, but were not invited to present their ideas to the public. “I feel like a few elements of  [MCPAC’s] criteria that they set up for the selection aren’t met by Soga’s proposal,” Riepenhoff says, “ and he showed a lack of service to Milwaukee and the community.” On the other hand, artist and selection committee member Richard Taylor released this statement in response to opponents of the piece:   “The committee considered many applications for this project, and came to a unanimous or near-unanimous conclusion. One proposal […]

Photo Gallery: Random Exposure 2006
Photo Gallery

Random Exposure 2006

Pictures from VITAL's Random Exposure show August 10, 2006 at the Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design, exhibiting the top 50 entries. Diamonds laid down hot jams like butter on breakfast toast, Vucciria put out a spread almost too beautiful to eat and Point Brewing Co. kept everyone well-libated with beer and fine sodas. Wow. Thanks to the over 250 fine VITAL readers that came down and shared the evening with us. We love you.

Photo Gallery: VITAL’s Smashing Halloween 2006
Photo Gallery

VITAL’s Smashing Halloween 2006

The VITAL crew parties hard on Halloween with a costume party at Bremen Cafe.

Photo Gallery: PrideFest 2007
Photo Gallery

PrideFest 2007

Milwaukeeans flock to the lakefront to show their pride!

Photo Gallery: VITAL’s 5th Birthday
Photo Gallery

VITAL’s 5th Birthday

VITAL held a massive 5th Birthday Carnival and Karaoke Ball at Turner Hall on March 10. It was a blast. Photos by Lacy, Kurt Johnson and Jason Groschopf.

Photo Gallery: Bay View Bocce Fest 2007
Photo Gallery

Bay View Bocce Fest 2007

Team VITAL rocked Bay View's Bocce Fest. We passed the semi-finals but somehow missed the cue that we'd made the finals and disbanded the team before the showdown, possibly walking away from the title without even knowing it.

Photo Gallery: The Big Dig, October 2007
Photo Gallery

The Big Dig, October 2007

Aaron Soma and Amy Elliott document a dig through the inventories of Flipville, Bullseye, Musical Memories and LotusLand and visit the site of now-defunct Audie's Records.

Photo Gallery: VITAL’s 6th Birthday Funhouse
Photo Gallery

VITAL’s 6th Birthday Funhouse

We celebrated our 6th birthday at MOCT Bar, 240 E. Pittsburgh. Our staff was joined by several hundred of our closest friends. Hope you were, and if you weren't we wish you had been!

Photo Gallery: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ The Pabst
Photo Gallery

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ The Pabst

March 20th, 2008. Photos by Erin Landry

Photo Gallery: Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary
Photo Gallery

Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary

Photos from Harley's 100th Anniversary Parade, August 30, 2003!

Photo Gallery: PrideFest 2008
Photo Gallery

PrideFest 2008

Thousands of people braved tornadoes, hail and Neo-Nazis to show their pride!

Photo Gallery: Random Exposure 3
Photo Gallery

Random Exposure 3

You've heard the stories, now see the pictures! Hundreds of VITAL readers gathered at the Eisner American Museum of Advertising and Design for an evening of intimate imagery, delectable dining, lovely libations and booty-shaking beats. If you were there, look for your beautiful face in this gallery.

Photo Gallery: Center Street Daze 2007
Photo Gallery

Center Street Daze 2007

These pictures from Center Street Days were taken with a Kodak 35 Special from 1941 that I got from a Goodwill I used to work at. --Tim Edgar

Photo Gallery: “Family Album” January 2008 Gallery Night
Photo Gallery

“Family Album” January 2008 Gallery Night

An evening dedicated to the talented artists that made VITAL a success.

Photo Gallery : Sinners + Saints April 2008 Gallery Night
Photo Gallery

Sinners + Saints April 2008 Gallery Night

Local artists grace our walls with work inspired by angels and demons!

Photo Gallery: America’s Gallery Night October 2008
Photo Gallery

America’s Gallery Night October 2008

America's Gallery Night , October 2008. Friends and lovers pay homage to America with work inspired by the landscape and folklore of this great nation. Music by The Dim Peepers+ PBR + party dresses = best Gallery Night EVER.

Choreographers vie for top spot in Milwaukee Ballet’s “Genesis”

Choreographers vie for top spot in Milwaukee Ballet’s “Genesis”

Next month, three choreographers will get a unique opportunity to showcase their work during Milwaukee Ballet’s third international choreographic competition, Genesis: Choreography for the Next Generation, March 26-29. Held every other year, the competition demonstrates Milwaukee Ballet’s continued commitment to generating new and innovative works. While ballets internationally often follow the same model, Milwaukee Ballet is one of few companies in this country hosting a truly international competition. Milwaukee will be among the first to witness the evolving new talent in international ballet production. Genesis will include three Milwaukee premieres choreographed by finalists Maurice Causey, Cameron McMillan and Timothy O’Donnell. The winner receives $3,000 and is offered the chance to create an original piece for Milwaukee Ballet the following season. Second place receives $2,000; third place receives $1,000; and the audience favorite receives $500. The three choreographers are handpicked by Artistic Director Michael Pink, who watches and critiques over 30 submissions from across the globe. This year, Pink received entries from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, United States and Vietnam. “I look for musicality and creativity in the steps; the original way in which the choreographer brings together music and dance,” Pink said. Pink also invites a panel of renowned judges to select the winner. This year’s panel includes André Lewis, artistic director of Royal Winnipeg Ballet; Gil Boggs, artistic director of Colorado Ballet; Katherine C. Kersten, founder and artistic director of The American Ballet Competition; and John McFall, artistic director of Atlanta Ballet. Each choreographer is given a dance team of eight performers to create a 20-minute work. The dancers and choreographer will then have three weeks, a total of 90 rehearsal hours, to make their piece ready for the panel of judges and the audience. As in year’s past, this year’s competition takes place at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater, providing audiences with a rare opportunity to get an up close experience with the Ballet’s dancers. In the ornate Baroque and Renaissance style of this intimate auditorium, audiences will discover the athleticism, strength and versatility of the dancers—every muscle and bead of sweat is distinguishable. The show’s choreography pushes the boundaries of dance from ballet to contemporary, providing an incomparable performance for experienced ballet-goers, and an accessible introduction to ballet for novices. Milwaukee Ballet also runs a voting process, allowing ballet goers to pick an audience favorite by the end of the show’s run. Genesis: Choreography for the Next Generation runs March 26-29 at the Pabst Theater, 144 E. Wells Street, Milwaukee. Tickets to the performance begin at $22. To order tickets or for additional information, call (414) 902-2103 or visit is sponsored by Briggs and Stratton.

Broad strokes: A new collaborative
Broad strokes

A new collaborative

The space at 2241 South Kinnickinnic Avenue that once housed Broad Vocabulary, Milwaukee’s first and only feminist bookstore, sits barren. The signature cornflower blue exterior stands out among other shops and restaurants, but inside, all that remains are stark walls and empty shelves … for now. Around Milwaukee, in conference rooms and libraries, in bars and coffee shops, a resurrection is in the works. Enter A Broader Vocabulary Co-operative, a crew of … um, broads, bound and determined to get the shop back on its feet after former owners Tina Owen and Jennifer Morales were forced to close the struggling bookstore last fall. The café we’re at is nearly full, and the air feels electric. Every table is a hotbed of excited conversation, surrounded by people with notebooks and agendas. We settle in just as someone in the back cranks up the stereo so that Booker T. and the M.G.’s “Green Onions” can be heard over the bustle, giving momentum to the buzz around us. Once the announcement was made that Broad Vocabulary would close, friends and lovers of Broad immediately came together to try and save this vestige of the Bay View landscape. “We [couldn’t] just stand by and let this happen,” says Hannah Wallisch, a former volunteer and board member for the new co-op. Wallisch, along with other board members Annie Weidert, Stephanie Schneider, Patty Donndelinger, Janine Arseneau and Barbara Chudnow didn’t know each other from Adam (or in this case, Eve) when they decided to take on this formidable task. And so the wheels began to turn. In November 2008, after months of research and a stack of paperwork, A Broader Vocabulary Co-operative was formed. Wallisch says that the immense outpouring of support from the community and from other successful co-ops has been an inspiration. “It’s a good kick in the pants,” she says. “ You realize that anybody can do this…you just have to work hard and educate yourself.” The decision to go co-op seemed a likely progression, allowing the responsibilities of the shop to be shared among people who can pool their time and resources to meet the needs of running a small business. The ladies looked to other Milwaukee businesses that have flourished with a co-operative structure, like the Riverwest Co-op and People’s Books for guidance. By the time Broad Vocabulary closed its doors on November 30th, the co-op had few resources and even less money – at least not enough to re-open immediately. The plan was in motion, but not quite ready to take flight. They decided to hold a fundraiser on the store’s last business day to build momentum for the project, and to give a face to the co-op. “The Phoenix Rising fundraiser spread the awareness that something was in the works even though the store wouldn’t remain open,” says Stephanie Schneider, who also works as a teacher in Milwaukee. The fundraiser was a huge success, allowing ABVC to raise enough money to make an offer on the store’s inventory – […]

2008 Holiday Fun Guide

2008 Holiday Fun Guide

What can we say about the holidays? For most of us, this time of year can cause serious anxiety as we ultimately find ourselves shuffling from store to store, desperately trying to hold our own among ravenous holiday shoppers. And every year, we end up stuck at yet another awkward family dinner where we try our best not to get too drunk in front of relatives. Or maybe that’s just me. Luckily for us cynics, VITAL’s Holiday Guide has the antidote to all this winter drudgery with helpful hints on where to go to get into the holiday spirit and ensure that the season is entertaining and filled with all of the cheer we hear about in those Christmas songs. After a landmark year in so many emotionally huge ways, we need it more than ever. VS Milwaukee Coach & Carriage Holiday Rides Milwaukee Coach & Carriage 414-272-6873 or There’s no better way to enjoy a brisk winter evening and take in all the glittery holiday festivities than with a horse-drawn carriage ride. The Friday Night Snow Show: Fall Constellations UW-Milwaukee Manfred Olson Planetarium Through Dec. 12 414-229-4961 or For an alternative method of getting into the spirit of the season, come to the planetarium for a weekly viewing of the night sky at 7:00 pm. Find out how to spot some special fall constellations and learn about their significance. Holiday Lights Festival Pere Marquette Park, Cathedral Square Park, Ziedler Union Square Through Jan. 4 Millions of twinkling lights brighten up downtown Milwaukee during this festive annual tradition. Come for dazzling lights, stay for family-friendly entertainment. Downtown Jingle Bus The Shops of Grand Avenue Thursdays – Sundays through Jan. 4 Board the Jingle Bus for a 40-minute narrated tour of Milwaukee’s merriest holiday hot spots while enjoying hot cocoa and cookies. Holiday Floral Show Mitchell Park Conservatory Through Jan.4 414-649-9800 or Visit The Domes for a breathtaking Christmas show that features thousands of crimson and hybrid poinsettias, plus holiday concerts and performances. Westown Indoor Market The Shops of Grand Avenue Through Feb. 11 414-276-6696 or The Westown Farmer’s Market has moved indoors for the winter. Come check out your favorite vendors while listening to live musical performances. Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra The Shops of Grand Avenue Through Jan. 3 414-224-0655 or Join Leonard Bearstein and his 18-piece orchestra of bears as they perform our favorite holiday songs live in the Grande Avenue Mall. Whoa! East Town Trees East Town Neighborhood Through Jan. 5 414-271-1416 or See more than 30 wooden trees decorated by local businesses and retailers and scattered around in East Town. Saturdays with Santa The Shops of Grand Avenue Through Dec.20 414-224-0655 or Spend the afternoon making holiday crafts and listening to Radio Disney, but don’t forget to tell Santa what you want for Christmas! Santa vs. The Snowman Humphrey IMAX Dome Theater, Milwaukee Public Museum Through Jan.4 414-319-4629 or See what happens when you combine Santa, a jealous […]