• Openings and closings

    Art and performance 4/15 to 4/21

    Visual Art Gallery Night and Day, metro Milwaukee area, Friday evening on April 17 and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 18 (most locations) *See our special section for a preview of this quarterly must-see event. Multimedia Tile, Quilt, Pixel: Paul Berger, UW-Milwaukee, Wed. April 15 at the Arts Center Lecture Hall. Starts at 7 p.m. Paul Berger talks about […]

  • surReal World

    Garages, labs, cubicles, bars, McDonald’s, courtrooms – we all work somewhere. Most of the time the work place is strictly dictated by the vocation. You’re not going to find the Brewer’s playing at the mall and your doctor won’t be giving you a physical exam on the bus – at least I hope not. Art […]

  • Salad Days

    “Smooth” is how Pete DiAntoni describes Turf, the legendary, but now defunct, Milwaukee skate park, “smooth concrete, beautiful curves”.  Even a novice, like myself, understands the importance of those simple words when it comes to skateboarding. Pete said that upon walking into Turf, the first time nearly 30 years ago, “my life was changed”. He […]

  • Around town with Bones – 4/8

    I can’t figure out why any artist in their right mind would complain “there’s nothing new” in Milwaukee. Balls! I just saw two great Peter Barrickman paintings at Green Gallery, plus at GGWest, the most minimalist piece of art I’ve ever seen: a slender slice of wood painted white and propped in a corner of […]

  • The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

    Enjoy public scrutiny? Hard work for little or no pay? Willing to sacrifice your time, money and dignity? If you answered yes to all these question you can join an elite team comprised of just about anyone who can afford the supplies. That’s right, you to can be an artist (can’t afford supplies? be a […]

  • Peepers

    So get busy already. You have until Sunday, April 5th to do your Marshmallow Peep Show project and take it to the Sugar Maple smoke-free bar at 441 E. Lincoln Avenue in trendy Bay View. No entry fee; no jury, so hurry. Be there from 2-6pm. No self-respecting serious artists need show their faces, but […]

  • Notes from the Visual Arts Forum at Haggerty

    Things heard and observed at the State of Art: Open Forum about the Visual Arts in Wisconsin held at the Haggerty Museum of Art on March 26, 2009 Forum participants: Jane Simon, Curator of Exhibitions, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Polly Morris, Director of Development, Marketing & Outreach at UWM Peck School of the Arts, Milwaukee […]

  • Lincoln Park Part Two


    It’s official: Takashi Soga’s proposal has been approved for the Lincoln Park site. On March 13, the public art committee voted in favor of Soga’s project, bringing some closure (for now) to what has been an arduous and controversial process. First things first, though: some corrections and clarifications need to be made. In Part One […]

  • Art and money

    It’s hard to keep your eyes off the blood on the walls. I’m talking about the work of Steve Somers, a graduate of both Milwaukee’s High School of the Arts and MIAD. He’s worked as a curator, exhibited at the now-defunct Luckystar Gallery, the Milwaukee Art Museum as part of several Cedar Block events, and […]

  • Inaugural post not-quite-brought to you by St. Pat’s Day

    Introductions are so far and few between, aren’t they? Ironically, in an age of iPhones and social networking, it’s getting a little tougher to meet new people. Sure, you could befriend a friend of a friend on Facebook because you think their comments are witty, then spend the afternoon poking the hell out of them, […]

  • The Battle for Lincoln Park

        The turnout for the Milwaukee County Public Art Committee meeting at Lincoln Park on March 7th was surprisingly low. For a moment, I thought that I’d gone to the wrong place. It was a particularly dismal day, and as the rain made soup of the lush green landscape, it was hard to keep […]

  • Marcus Aurelius Redux

    The first blog I wrote for VS was way back in April of ’08. Titled “Marcus Aurelius Online,” I’ve revived it with new answers to old questions. While ruling Rome, Marcus Aurelius Antonius wrote Meditations, setting down rules for living written in Greek. Stoic to the end (his end came in AD 180), Marcus Aurelius […]