Pop Culture

  • ADversary

    Isolation? There’s an app for that

    Dear smartphone users: could you put it away during the show, please? You're blocking my view ... and being ridiculous.

  • Vampire Nation

    taking a bite out of blood suckers

    Vampires used to be stylish and dangerous. These days, Children of the Night sightings are as frequent as Law & Order reruns.

  • What’s up, Milwaukee

    Polish vodka!

    TCD asks – and answers – the burning, if inane, question in our entertaining summer series of eclectic 2-minute videos

  • Finding great art…in a box

    TCD is pleased to welcome renowned artist, educator and founder of Merge Gallery, Valerie Christell, as our newest visual arts contributor. This week, she suffers through Bravo's latest stab at combining art with television, and lives to talk about it.

  • Selling girlfriendship

    Through boyfriends, husbands, kids and parents, your girlfriends are always there and they're good for you too!

  • The Runaways Movie

    Cherie’s bomb

    The Runaways is based on Cherie Currie’s recently re-vamped autobiography, and is naturally meant to be her story. I wish it had been.

  • ADversary

    Impending doom

    Do you ever get the feeling that our culture is becoming increasingly more like the movie Idiocracy? No, really.

  • ADversary

    Video Gaga

    Murder, jailhouse nudity and...Miracle Whip? Seriously, what's up with "Telephone?"

  • ADversary

    Really, Lindsay?

    On Wednesday, besmirched child star Lindsay Lohan filed suit against E-Trade for allegedly using her likeness in an ad that aired during the Super Bowl. Now she wants $100 million.

  • Cultural Zero

    Amber’s $50 Challenge

    DJ's friend challenges anyone to decipher the video for the Pet Shop Boys' "Always On My Mind." DJ steps up to the plate.

  • Power of Three

    Love Songs – Day 2

    TCD staffers and local notables share their fave love songs. Today: The Salvation Army's Faithe Colas and our own Cesar Rojas. Rate theirs and share yours!

  • Power of Three

    Love Songs – Day 1

    TCD staffers and local notables share their fave love songs. Today: B-93.3's Jane and CV and our own Lisa Townsel. Rate theirs and share yours!