Pop Culture

  • The Man in the Mirror

    A Tribute, Part Two

    TCD's Senior Editor and Detroit native Amy Elliott waxes nostalgic about a trip to Hitsville, U.S.A. and the relationship between Michael and Motown.

  • The Man in the Mirror

    A Tribute

    TCD staff remembers The King of Pop.

  • Emotional Pain is Relative

    Anvil! The Story of Anvil vs. Heavy Metal in Baghdad

    both films share a very important message for every struggling musician out there trying to keep the faith while grasping for the brass ring (be it rock stardom or the freedom to grow your hair long without getting lynched): stick with it long enough, and eventually, a documentary filmmaker will come along to tell your story and make you famous.

  • Tulip, Starbuck, and the Death of Chivalry (A Reaction to Peach & Sparrow)

    if the damsel in distress is going to suddenly fight back (Joss Whedon’s initial idea for Buffy the Vampire Slayer came from the idea that the classic hot blonde victim from every horror movie suddenly would turn around and kick the monster’s ass), she’s going to have to take some punches too.

  • Britain’s Got Talent, But Will You Care Tomorrow?

    I’d like to throw a wet blanket of cynicism over our little beach blanket party and ask the following question: Will the Susan Boyle story finally expose American Idol to the general populace as a complete joke?

  • FREE SCREENING of Wilco Documentary ASHES OF AMERICAN FLAGS Mon 4/20

    Monday 4/ 20 (holler): Free Wilco Movie @ Turner Hall (double holler): Pull up a chair and remenise on Wilco's sold out 2 day run at the Pabst at this amazing FREE SCREENING!!

  • The Dolls in Topher’s Fridge

    the Nerdy Misogynists of Joss Whedon’s World

    Fig.1: You think it’d kill Joss Whedon to cast some pretty people on one of his shows? Just once? February 2009 featured the premiere of new TV series Dollhouse, the latest attempt by sci-fi hotshot and badass feminist Joss Whedon to teach the FOX Broadcasting Company what a “cult fanbase” is. Having once been burned […]


    Milw / TCD Filmmaker Finalist in Warner Brothers / CW Network Film Contest – VOTE TODAY!

    LAST WEEK TO VOTE!! Local filmmaker and long-time, much-loved TCD contributor Howie Goldklang is a FINALIST in the CW Green Your World contest. The contest has 4 filmmakers submitting weekly vlogs (video blogs) reporting on green, eco-cool initiatives in their town. Please click over, vote MILWAUKEE, vote for HOWIE GOLDKLANG! CLICK HERE TO VOTE

  • Vamps Vs. Lolvamps

    A Not-At-All Academic Comparision of Let the Right One In and Twilight

    Fig.1: Frodo of the Shire checks out Arwen Evenstar’s Elven tush (I think he’s on a footstool) When it comes to horror, I’ve always been all about the zombies. Until recently, my list of favorite horror movies was probably interchangeable with my list of favorite zombie movies: Dead Alive, Dawn of the Dead (the original, […]

  • Now in glorious 3-D!!!

    Before it ever became a fond figment of Americana (akin to drive-ins), 3D movies were an effective means of getting people in seats. Studios and distributors alike have a long history of using primal urges and emotional selling points to get your business, from the first sale of popcorn, Cinerama, and Smell-o-vision to today’s shilling […]

  • For your consideration

    the Comet (or Fuel, or Palomino, or wherever) “Rockstar Menu”

    Fig.1: Taking Back Sunday. Would you trust these douches to hire a marketing firm to design your lunch? Hola, amigos. How’s it going with you? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya. I’d like to say that I’ve been putting off my first Third Coast Digest blog post because of […]