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For the past 49 years, the Social Development Commission (SDC) has served as a planner, coordinator, and provider of human service programs for low-income individuals and families in Milwaukee County. In 1963, the SDC was established as an intergovernmental commission under Wisconsin State Statute 66.0125 and in 1964, the SDC became the Community Action Agency for Milwaukee County.

The Commission is comprised of 18 citizens residing in Milwaukee County, each of whom holds the title of Commissioner. One-third of the Commissioners are representatives of low-income residents of the county, one-third of the Commissioners are representatives of public officials, and one-third of the Commissioners are representatives of the private sector.

With its vision of ensuring that all Milwaukee County residents will have equal access to the resources needed to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency, the SDC believes that all individuals are to be treated and valued with compassion, dignity, & respect.

To fulfill its vibrant and necessary role as Milwaukee County’s Community Action Agency, the SDC:

  • Analyzes and studies the factors that prevent Milwaukee County residents from participating fully in social and economic institutions;
  • Works in partnership with public and private institutions, community groups, and low-income people to fulfill community needs and minimize duplication of services;
  • Recommends solutions for the County’s social problems, plans for implementation of solutions, coordinates efforts, and provides technical assistance to community groups to solve these problems;
  • Advocates for greater participation in community affairs and creates ways to help the economically or otherwise disadvantaged achieve self-sufficiency and independence;
  • Cooperates with other governmental and nongovernmental organizations to pilot, launch, and operate services;
  • Analyzes, evaluates, and monitors the effectiveness of programs; and
  • Actively works to fight racism and build an inclusive society.

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