Dry Hootch

1030 E Brady St, Milwaukee, WI

Dry Hootch is a non-profit organization and restaurant located at 1030 E Brady St in Milwaukee, WI.

Dry Hootch is a coffee shop and veterans’ support organization founded in Milwaukee with locations around the country.

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Ryan Solen attends AmVets Riders Fundraiser supporting Veterans Groups

A veteran of the Iraq war himself, supporting other veterans is an issue that is important to him.

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Welcome Home… The Journey Continues

A performance of Iraq and Vietnam veterans sharing their experience of war and life after through music, poetry and stories

Sup. Peggy A. West

Supervisor Peggy Romo West Announces Dryhootch Memorial Day Coffee Drive

Romo West Says May 23 Drive and Festivities Will Support Dryhootch’s Mission, Assist Returning Veterans.