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The BreakWater Condominiums.
  • Address:
    1313 N. Franklin Pl.
  • Taxkeys:
    3592132000, 3592133000, 3592134000, 3592135000, 3592136000, 3592137000, 3592138000, 3592139000, 3592140000, 3592141100, 3592142000, 3592143000, 3592144000, 3592145000, 3592146000, 3592147000, 3592148000, 3592149000, 3592150000, 3592151100, 3592152000, 3592153000, 3592154000, 3592155000, 3592156000, 3592157000, 3592158000, 3592159000, 3592160000, 3592161000, 3592162000, 3592163000, 3592164000, 3592165100, 3592166000, 3592167100, 3592168000, 3592169000, 3592170000, 3592171110, 3592172000, 3592173000, 3592174000, 3592175000, 3592176100, 3592177000, 3592178000, 3592179000, 3592180000, 3592181000, 3592182000, 3592183100, 3592184000, 3592185100, 3592186000, 3592187000, 3592188000, 3592189000, 3592190000, 3592191000, 3592192000, 3592193000, 3592194000, 3592195000, 3592196000, 3592197000, 3592198100, 3592199000, 3592200000, 3592201000, 3592202000, 3592203110, 3592204000, 3592205000, 3592206000, 3592207000, 3592208000, 3592209000, 3592210000, 3592211000, 3592212000, 3592213000, 3592214000, 3592215000, 3592216000, 3592217000, 3592218000, 3592219000, 3592220000, 3592221000, 3592222000, 3592223000, 3592224000, 3592225000, 3592226000, 3592227000, 3592228000, 3592229000, 3592230000, 3592231000, 3592232000, 3592131000
  • Status:
  • Assessed Value (Land):
  • Assessed Value (Improvements):
  • Assessed Value (Total):
  • Assesment Year:
  • Year Built:

Twenty-story condominium tower developed by Peter Renner.


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Electrical Permit.
Electrical Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
ROW Excavation City Contract.
Electrical Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.

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BreakWater Fiasco

BreakWater Fiasco

A column in Milwaukee Magazine criticizing the design of Renner Architect's soon-to-be completed BreakWater Condominiums spurred a response from Renner's firm that was in very poor form.

Friday Photos Friday, 07. November 2008

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A Closer Look at The BreakWater Condominiums

A Closer Look at The BreakWater Condominiums

The BreakWater Condominiums development consists of 101 condominiums in a 20-story tower.

Construction Continues Despite Snow

Construction Continues Despite Snow

As the city slipped and slid around from multiple inches of snow and ice dumped on it in recent days, construction crews continued building our city. Down on Water St. at The Residences on Water site men scrambled to remove snow from the roof while a crane lifted large beams into place. It appears the ER Post Structural System does allow them to build quickly as had been indicated. In fact fast enough that a line of semi’s sit with their engines running across the street from the site waiting their turn to unload the next beam. Over at the Breakwater site they have been busy as well. A second crane which is the largest crawler crane in the state has recently been assembled and will have a reach of up to 400 feet. The snow may have slowed some work but workers continued building the foundation and with second crane it’s clear that shortly we will see this project begin to rise out of the ground.

Breakwater Development

Breakwater Development

Despite minor community concern over the height of the building and DCD’s concerns over the balconies, the BreakWater condominium tower has begun demolition of the former Christopher East Medical Center building. The tower is planned to be 20 stories with 101 units and is the latest in what has become an ongoing trend of lakefront development in Milwaukee. To follow this development I’ve started a flickr set, Breakwater Development, that I will update with new pictures to keep track of the progress. Articles Breakwater to break ground. East side condo tower proposed

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