Building Info

  • Address:
    1311 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
  • Taxkey:
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $3,075,000 (2015)
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    93,750 sq-ft

Warehouse building in Milwaukee’s Haymarket neighborhood. The building is owned by the adjacent one-story bank branch built by Associated Bank in 2014.

The building was for years home to the Mandel Printing Co. before the company moved to Glendale.

Prior to Associated Bank the building was owned by Boris Gokhman‘s New Land Enterprises.

The building was home to National Ace Hardware before the hardware store moved to 1303 N. 4th St.



~~Permits Required. 1. REQUIRED. No person may erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, convert to new uses, raze or demolish any building or structure, nor install therein any equipment, occupy and use any building, structure, equipment or premises or cause the same to be done or commence any excavation on any premises without first obtaining a permit from the commissioner and paying the fee as prescribed by this code. Permits may be issued at the discretion of the commissioner to persons in arrears of payment of any fees specified in ss. 200-32 and 200-33 or persons who have failed to comply with any outstanding order of the department if the permit is required to comply with an outstanding order or citation. No permit applied for under this subchapter may be issued unless the applicant has first complied with s. 66-12-5, with respect to submitting an asbestos project statement. Exemptions from permit requirements under this section and the rules of the department shall not be deemed to authorize any work to be done in any manner in violation of any other law or rule. {B} Permits required for large banner sign(s) installed on property. Two currently present: one on South facing exterior wall of vacant property; another on fence outside of Bank. Obtain permits for signs. .. / MCO 200-24 /
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Banner sign on south side of building, blocking window. No permit

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~~~~Call for cross connection inspection appointment

~~~~Call for cross connection inspection appointment