Media Thrilled, Donovan Will Run for Mayor!

Colorful, combative foe of Mayor Barrett will oppose him in 2016, which means far more fun for reporters covering the race.


Newhall House, Late 1860s

It was the largest and finest hotel in the West, a sign that Milwaukee was becoming a significant city.

Soldiers Home Fair’s Pavilion

The centerpiece of fair that raised lots of money for the cause.


A Guide to Bike Sharrows

West Allis just installed some. You find them all over. How do they differ from bike lanes and how should they be used?

What to Say When People Complain About Bicyclists

Studies consistently show drivers are at least twice as likely to break the rules of the road as bicyclists.


Dohmen’s New Third Ward HQ

Firm that started in Third Ward is returning there from suburbs, relocating 110 employees and overhauling a boring 1960's building.

2014 Riverwest 24

It was a weekend of pedaling, paddling, poor sleep, and participating in Riverwest. Our photos capture the craziness.


Gimbel Gets Reappointed to Wisconsin Center Board

Will continue after 3 decades as board chair! Did mayor and governor swap appointments to make this happen?

New York Discovers Our Sinking City

City Hall, Milwaukee Rep and Mitchell buildings are sinking. Is Deep Tunnel the culprit? The Times is not sure.


Paving the Lakefront with Concrete

WisDOT deal with city will create a 10-lane roadway along the lake.

The Hotel That Isn’t There

The downtown Marriott made so many compromises in design there's barely any left.


Derrick Johnson

"I recently visited San Francisco and Oakland and would love to see Milwaukee integrate technology into its infrastructure."

Lex Allen

"I like going to brunch in the Third Ward. You can practically taste the creativity in the air."


The Standard at East Library

Our photos take you inside the new library and apartment building on North Ave.

Marquette’s New IVY on Fourteenth

Photographic tour of building nearing completion that will boast 80 apartments and street-level retail.


A Common Dream for Metro Milwaukee

Support for a new NBA arena can and should unite us as fellow Milwaukeeans.

Build NBA Arena Next to Potawatomi Casino

City could create TIF district in valley on little-used land, state assemblyman proposes.


How Buyout Could Hurt the Journal Sentinel

10 ways the deal will impact the newspaper, the media world and this city.

Has School Choice Led to Less Arts Funding?

Donations to arts groups have plummeted while giving to education has soared. Why?


Riverwest 24 Preview

Milwaukee's best bicycle race, as our photos prove, kicks off at 7 p.m.

The Swings are Back — and Better than Before

Guerrilla urbanism triumphs, as “magical” swings re-installed under Holton Avenue Bridge.


NIMBY Activist Pam Frautschi’s Prairie Style Home

The annual East Side garden tour allowed visitors to see the backyard of a not-in-my-backyard activist.

The Radler Rosarium

Bill Radler, millionaire creator of the world-famous "Knock-Out" rose, has a rather modest home and an immodest number of rose plants and species on its lovely grounds.


Building Trust at the Woodlands

Community organizer helps stage play to connect people in northwest side neighborhood.

Neighbors Unite to Improve Clarke Square

Some 300 neighborhood volunteers clean up and beautify the streets and alleyways from 26th Street to Ninth, between Mineral and Scott streets


How Buyout Could Hurt the Journal Sentinel

10 ways the deal will impact the newspaper, the media world and this city.

Amaranth Bakery

Delicious home-made bakery and a commitment to the neighborhood were somehow combined in a unique venture.


Ambulance Chasing Lawyer Chases Abele

Plus: Bud Selig’s birthday bash and where will new Journal CEO live?

State Prisons “Routinely Engage in Torture,” Group Claims

Faith-based advocacy group asks Gov. Walker to investigate allegations of prisoner abuse at Waupun.


Protesters Oppose Double-Decker Freeway

State wants either a double decker or 8-lane freeway through heart of city. Protestors demand different approach.

Why the Zoo Interchange Project Should Be Stopped

It will cost more than entire federal budget for biking and pedestrian projects.


It’s PARK(ing) Day, Let the Celebration Begin

Parking spots will be transformed into public space -- with entertainers performing -- as part of international event today.

Why WisDOT Is Behind the Times

Auto traffic per capita has declined since 2004, other states now spend less on highways, but Wisconsin wants to keep expanding.