National Media Crucify Walker

Even the conservative press jump all over the charge that Gov. Walker was at center of a criminal conspiracy.


Soldiers Home Fair, 1865

Milwaukee joined a national movement to care for Civil War veterans, and this event helped raise money for the cause.

Wisconsin St. and Milwaukee St., 1880

Nearly empty in the 1860s, Milwaukee St. was booming by 1880.


The Legacy of Phil Van Valkenberg

His creation of the Fat Tire Tour and the state's first bicycling guides led the way to our growing local bike culture.

The Virtue Gondoliere Can Haul Lots of Cargo

Dogs, kids, groceries, they can all be transported in this handy cargo bike.


“Sage” Apartment Building Nearly Finished

Jackson Street is becoming a nice urban street, now with new, environmentally friendly apartments.

Pabst Business Center Nears Completion

The $10 million, 73,000 square-foot office building at the Brewery will open to new tenants this year.


Royal Right Wing Renovation

Bradley Foundation's third 19th century building, the Bloodgood Residence, will be renovated. And three candidates announce for open county supervisor seat.

Sheriff Clarke’s Bizarre New Radio Ads

They combine campaign ads and a pitch for a private company and appear to be in violation of state laws.


The Hotel That Isn’t There

The downtown Marriott made so many compromises in design there's barely any left.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

The city would be far safer if we eliminated most of the road signs.


Michael Hostad

"It's very easy to get connected which is especially helpful for those looking to advance a career or conduct business."

Shelley Owen

"As cultured and progressive as Milwaukee is, the one issue where this city is far behind is our struggle with segregation."


Marquette’s New IVY on Fourteenth

Photographic tour of building nearing completion that will boast 80 apartments and street-level retail.

18-Story Potawatomi Hotel Nears Completion

The 261 foot high, 371,000 square foot, $150 million hotel will be smoke-free in all rooms.


In Defense of Milwaukee

City is making progress on foreclosures and the report claiming 40% of mortgages are underwater is hogwash.

The Inside Story on ALEC

Rep. Chris Taylor attends conference to detail the agenda and techniques of the corporate-funded group.


Walker, Sykes and Belling

The New Republic feature story on Scott Walker and talk radio is juicy stuff. But is it true?

Four Ways to Slash Carbon Emissions

The EPA requirement that Wisconsin cut carbon emissions could be easily met, through these four approaches.


New 18-Story Downtown Building Breaks Ground

The $102 million, 18-story tower at 833 E. Michigan is huge development, with no city financing. The full story, with photos and building renderings.

MSOE Renames Soccer Field

Kovac wonders why MSOE would name it after its current president. And why an engineering school couldn't dig a deep enough hole for its soccer field.


Sen.Carpenter’s Rather Dull Duplex

His sided, south side home, in suburban-like Jackson Park, is a veritable pillar of middle-class respectability.

Hospital Tycoon Nick Turkal’s Lakeside Home

The Aurora CEO paid $1.5 million for his Whitefish Bay home, well less than his annual salary.


Bargain Deals to Save the Environment

City works with Norseman Plastics to create low-cost rain barrels and compost bins.

Faces of the City

Show at Art is For Lovers gallery features photos of city people and neighborhoods.


Michael Hostad

"It's very easy to get connected which is especially helpful for those looking to advance a career or conduct business."

Will New EPA Rules Hurt Wisconsin’s Economy?

Looking at the impact of efforts to combat global warming.


Two Parties Have Wildly Different Platforms

Annual conventions show Democrats and Republicans now have dramatically different philosophies.

Mud Fight for Attorney General?

The three Democrats running all have similar stands, so may have to attack each other to stand out.


Why the Zoo Interchange Project Should Be Stopped

It will cost more than entire federal budget for biking and pedestrian projects.

Why America’s Roads Are More Dangerous

U.S. and Wisconsin have seen less decline in traffic fatalities than other countries. Why?


It’s PARK(ing) Day, Let the Celebration Begin

Parking spots will be transformed into public space -- with entertainers performing -- as part of international event today.

Why WisDOT Is Behind the Times

Auto traffic per capita has declined since 2004, other states now spend less on highways, but Wisconsin wants to keep expanding.