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Unprecedented City-County Effort Will Yield Major Improvements to Parks and Prepare for 100-year Storm

Planning for the joint City-County effort has been underway for nearly ten years.

By - Feb 3rd, 2017 04:01 pm

MILWAUKEE – County Supervisors advanced a partnership with the City of Milwaukee on Thursday that will result in several new features for two county-owned parks as well as major storm water management improvements.

The County Board of Supervisors authorized the Parks Department to execute agreements with the City of Milwaukee regarding Copernicus Park and Dineen Park, an unprecedented joint effort focused on flood control.

The City of Milwaukee will finance the projects which include storm water facilities sufficient to manage a one hundred year storm at both parks.

In addition to the storm water facilities, new playground equipment and an artistic in-ground rendering of the earth’s solar system will also be added to Copernicus Park. Copernicus Park is named after Nicolaus Copernicus, a Renaissance-era astronomer who proposed a model of the solar system in which Earth revolved around the sun.

The city will pay for a new band shell for Dineen Park, new playground equipment and will dredge the park’s lagoon for the first time in decades.

Planning for the joint City-County effort has been underway for nearly ten years.

Supervisor Michael Mayo, who represents the Dineen Park area, has been involved in the negotiations from early on in the process. Supervisor Haas, who represents the area surrounding Copernicus Park, became involved more recently.

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