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Operation Alley Cat initiative launches Wednesday

Pilot project will outfit selected alleys with surveillance cameras

By - Apr 22nd, 2014 04:05 pm

Operation Alley Cat – a project to add surveillance cameras to specific alley locations throughout the Operation Impact area – will be launched Wednesday by Alderman Bob Donovan, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and neighborhood residents.

The news event launching Operation Alley Cat will take place at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday (April 23) in the alley behind 1105 S. 36th St. (the alley segment is located between W. Scott and W. National, from S. 36th to S. 37th). Alderman Donovan will be joined by Sheriff Clarke, residents, and the Milwaukee Police Department has also been invited to take part.

Alderman Donovan said Operation Impact’s efforts in partnership with We Energies to provide alley lighting in Silver City (and now also in the Burnham Park neighborhood) has provided “an extra measure of safety” after dark, and the alley cameras will now add yet another tool to help fight crimes such as illegal dumping, graffiti, illegal car repair, drug dealing and drug use, as well as break-ins and burglaries. “You think criminals hate alley lighting, just wait until they see the cameras being installed as part of Operation Alley Cat,” said Alderman Donovan. “They’ll scurry away like rats from a sinking ship.”

Alderman Donovan said the privately-funded surveillance cameras will be added at several alley locations during the initial pilot phase of Operation Alley Cat this year. The cameras will provide footage that will be monitored by the Milwaukee Police Department.

The Operation Impact target area is located within the 2nd Police District and is bounded by W. Pierce St. on the north, W. Lincoln Ave. on the south, S. 16th Street/S. Cesar Chavez Dr. on the east and S. 38th St. on the west

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One thought on “Operation Alley Cat initiative launches Wednesday”

  1. sanford schrank says:

    I think because of the lighting in my ally. My central air conditioner was targeted. In a way that helped the crooks that never been caught. Also the muscic is so loud that we have to close our windows. but nothing is ever done.

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