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Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans Raid Veteran Home Fund

Wisconsin Republicans give lip-service to the public when it comes to supporting our veterans.

By - Aug 24th, 2016 04:31 pm
Gov. Scott Walker. Photo from the State of Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker. Photo from the State of Wisconsin.

MADISON –  Actions speak louder than words – Gov. Scott Walker never got that memo.

Wisconsin Republicans give lip-service to the public when it comes to supporting our veterans, but Republican legislators voted to limit grants to local veteran services offices, and over the next two years Gov. Walker’s administration plans on raiding $18.6 million in funding from veterans nursing homes – that’s on top of a recently announced $12 million raid.

“Scott Walker is making the wrong kind of history by making the biggest cut we have ever seen to veteran nursing homes,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday. “Veterans put their lives on the line to defend this country and they are entitled to have quality services available to them when they come home. Republicans need to honor the promise we make to our veterans. Scott Walker’s two-faced politics leave veterans and everyday Wisconsinites behind. Walker has shown his one priority is only helping those at the very top.”

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3 thoughts on “Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans Raid Veteran Home Fund”

  1. A Bus Driver says:

    No surprise here. WAKE UP Wisconsinites get rid of this Koch puppet.

  2. AG says:

    So…. didn’t they “raid” these funds and put them towards other VA programs? When I have more time I’ll double check that… but anyone reading this press release should be skeptical of what they’re saying (and all press releases really).

  3. concerned says:

    Any story put out by the Democratic Party should be questioned and scrutinized. They twist words and take parts of statements and information to spread lies about what’s really happening. Give only partial story optics and you can twist the truth to whatever you want. It’s the same as people who quote the bible and say “money is the root of all evil”. This is written, but out of context. The entire quote is “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” This is an entirely different meaning to the quote. Any thing to get elected, just like Hillary. Lie, cheat, steal, give away secrets, then deny it all with “I can’t recall”. What a way to live. Cheat the American people out of an honest government. To take a word from their own playbook: SHAME! SHAME!

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