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County Supervisor David Sartori Reluctant on Wheel Tax

Proposes Annual GO Pass Fee, Lower Wheel Tax

By - Oct 11th, 2016 05:56 pm

County Supervisor David Sartori announced his reluctance to support County Executive Chris Abele‘s proposed $60 wheel tax on Tuesday, saying the proposed fee is too high.

“As a disabled combat veteran and a senior citizen, I’m in favor of continuing the GO Pass so we can provide discounted rides for seniors and the disabled.

We need dedicated funding for public transit, but asking all Milwaukee County residents to pay another $60, on top of the $75 they already pay to the state for their vehicles, is just too much to ask.

Instead of a $60 wheel tax, we should consider a lower amount. In addition, I’m proposing a $25 annual fee for all GO Pass users, so we can continue to provide discounted rides to anyone who uses the bus more than once a month.”

Sartori emphasized the need for a new source of funding for transit, noting that Milwaukee County’s revenue growth is .7% annually while expenditures are growing at 2.2%, meaning that cuts to services would be required without additional revenue.

Sartori added that although the Milwaukee County budget is basically flat year to year, the County is spending less when adjusted for inflation.

Supervisor Sartori represents the communities of St. Francis, Cudahy, and South Milwaukee, along with a small portion of Oak Creek. A disabled Vietnam veteran, David Sartori was first elected to the County Board in April, 2016.

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2 thoughts on “County Supervisor David Sartori Reluctant on Wheel Tax”

  1. Jason says:

    More Democrats own vehicles in Milwaukee County than Republicans. Supervisors heads will roll.

  2. Bill Sell says:

    The 1% sales tax will bring in millions from visitors, commuters from other counties. Milwaukee County in 2008 approved a sales tax for transit and parks; that message has been ignored out of political cowardice, but, the voters gave the politicians cover by passing a referendum. Still, they turned away from this remedy for transit funding that has been adopted by most cities in this country. Unfortunately, we cannot pass a binding referendum unless we get permission from the bright people who run state government. This calls for our leadership to take that referendum back to Madison and make some demands on our behalf. We’re stuck with what we have, but the remedy is close enough to touch.

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