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Peter J. Kondos

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House Confidential: The Fabulous Gustave Pabst Mansion
House Confidential

The Fabulous Gustave Pabst Mansion

Built in 1907 and later divided into four units, one of its renters is custard king Karl Kopp.

House Confidential: The Mysterious Kondos Chateau
House Confidential

The Mysterious Kondos Chateau

One of the town's most magnificent mansions has a strange history, complete with a jailed lawyer who once served a governor.

The Roundup: Henningsen Moved
The Roundup

Henningsen Moved scoop

The Roundup: New Home for Lord?
The Roundup

New Home for Lord?

Lord has been looking at the old Lou Fritzel building with owner Peter J. Kondos.