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Llewellyn Scott Walker

Rev. Llewellyn Scott Walker and his wife Patricia Ann (née Fitch) and have two children, Scott and David.

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Murphy’s Law: Who is Scott Walker?
Murphy’s Law

Who is Scott Walker?

The real, profusely documented story of the man who would be president.

Murphy’s Law: What Makes Scott Walker Run?
Murphy’s Law

What Makes Scott Walker Run?

A recent story about his upbringing may shine a sad -- and revealing -- light on Walker’s personality and political views.

Feature Story: The Battle Between Walker and Burke
Feature Story

The Battle Between Walker and Burke

They are two wildly different personalities with quite different agendas. A frank look at both candidates for governor.

Murphy’s Law: Walker, Sykes and Belling
Murphy’s Law

Walker, Sykes and Belling

The New Republic feature story on Scott Walker and talk radio is juicy stuff. But is it true?

The Preacher’s Kid

The Preacher’s Kid

The early years of Scott Walker, including his much discussed time at Marquette University. Excerpted from a new book.