The Roundup

The Roundup: Shakeup at Journal Sentinel
The Roundup

Shakeup at Journal Sentinel

The changes were announced in an email sent to “Everyone JSI.”

The Roundup: Henningsen Moved
The Roundup

Henningsen Moved scoop

The Roundup: New Home for Lord?
The Roundup

New Home for Lord?

Lord has been looking at the old Lou Fritzel building with owner Peter J. Kondos.

The Roundup: When the Wealthy Serve
The Roundup

When the Wealthy Serve

A Look at the Commerce Secretary’s Statement of Economic Interests

The Roundup: McGee’s Folly
The Roundup

McGee’s Folly

If you want to get a chuckle and a “no comment” out of a Milwaukee alderman these days, just tell him that Ald. Michael McGee, Jr. “certainly has a way with words.”

The Roundup: Riemer: “Ready to Run”
The Roundup

Riemer: “Ready to Run”

This terse note from Riemer almost sounds like a Bill Christofferson soundbite, which means it's a good one.

The Roundup: At it Again
The Roundup

At it Again

Alderman asked to make big money decision on 24 hour notice.

The Roundup: First Lady’s Office
The Roundup

First Lady’s Office

“Where is Jessica Doyle?”

The Roundup: Scott Walker and the Milwaukee Curse
The Roundup

Scott Walker and the Milwaukee Curse

Milwaukee has not been the home of many of Wisconsin’s governors.

The Roundup: A Doctorate Denied
The Roundup

A Doctorate Denied

How the FBI Thwarted Marquette’s 1964 Plan to Award an Honorary Doctorate to Martin Luther King.

The Roundup: City Image Logo to be Unveiled Soon
The Roundup

City Image Logo to be Unveiled Soon

The nonprofit Spirit of Milwaukee is undertaking an image rebranding for the community.

The Roundup: Kennedy Walks
The Roundup

Kennedy Walks

Substantial Fine for Possession of Forged Artwork