Dear Ken Macha

  • Save Us From Favre! (18-14)

    No, the other Favre… Dear Ken Macha, Another series, Ken, and another victory — against the Cubs, no less. The bullpen shut down hitters when it mattered most and the offense perpetrated the most heinous form of mockery in modern baseball: the Craig Counsell homerun. It’s starting to look like the beginning of the season […]

  • Bad trips and flashbacks

    Dear Ken, It must have been nice to return to your hometown — good ol’ Pittsburgh, PA — and come away with another sweep of the Pirates.  I could sense in your Tuesday post-game press conference that you were saddened by the dire state of baseball in the Steel City. I too felt bad watching […]

  • Better Stadiums & Beer Gardens (13-12)

    Dear Ken Macha, You must be feeling like a bankruptcy attorney in Detroit, Ken. Everything might not be going well around you, but somehow you’re making a killing off of it. You finished the 7-game home stand with a 5-2 record, in spite of an apparently right call on Friday and potential fisticuffs throughout the […]

  • Shake dem haters off! (11-10)

    Dear Ken Macha, Way to go, buddy! Now that you turned our slow start into a *winning* month of April, you can turn and adjust your athletic supporter in the general direction of these clowns. That’s the ESPN Radio 1250 AM “Done Club” – a list of dumas-es that took it upon themselves to abandon […]

  • Don’t Fear The Beard (8-10)

    Dear Ken Macha, Nicely done, Ken. Sometimes a manager needs to find unorthodox ways to motivate a struggling team. Ned used to pick random games to completely freak the fuck out on an umpire  over a bad call or because his favorite NASCAR driver lost.  I can’t say I’ve never heard of managers embracing the […]

  • Hot Coffey! (4-8)

    Dear Ken Macha, You hanging in there, Ken? After another tough week filled with frustrating losses, it’s like you just can’t catch a break.  While some fans are already wondering who we can jettison mid-season in order to add another starting pitcher, I think it’s a little hasty to think about those questions just yet. […]

  • It’s only April, stay cool. (3-6)

    Dear Ken, It’s been a tough start, but stay cool. Let the Fonz show you how – that’s what he’s here for. Forget that we’re still looking for that first series win after dropping four of six games at home against the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. No need to fluster; it’s April. Here’s some […]

  • Welcome Home, Ken! (2-4)

    Dear Ken Macha, After going 1-2 out in San Francisco, you took the Crew back to Milwaukee for the unofficial holiday that is the Brewers’ home opener.  Just in case you were wondering: that smell was from all the brats, that large contraption in the parking lot with the multitude of tubes is a 12-person […]

  • Welcome aboard, Ken (1-1)

    4/9/2009 Dear Ken Macha, Welcome aboard! How does it feel to be a Milwaukee Brewer? We’re so glad you’re here; it’s great to see someone that’s not Ned Yost in the dugout this spring. I don’t know if you followed the Brewers last year, but ol’ Nedly was run out of town when his playoffs-bound […]