Dear Ken Macha

Dear Ken Macha: Off limits
Dear Ken Macha

Off limits

This week's letter to Ken declares several of the most overused and underwhelming jokes about Brewers players off limits.

Dear Ken Macha: Same as it ever was
Dear Ken Macha

Same as it ever was

Two weeks into the season and the Brewers are already giving fans a serious case of heartburn. Is 2010 shaping up to be a lot like 2009?

Dear Ken Macha: Strange Brew
Dear Ken Macha

Strange Brew

This week's letter to Ken recounts the Brewers' opening week weirdness on and off the field and explains why Prince Fielder absolutely, positively needs to be re-signed.

Dear Ken Macha: 162 reasons
Dear Ken Macha

162 reasons

Dear Ken Macha returns with a preview of the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers.

Dear Ken Macha: 2009 Ken-trospective (77-79)
Dear Ken Macha

2009 Ken-trospective (77-79)

We bid adieu to Ken Macha and the Brewers with our 2009 Ken-trospective.

Dear Ken Macha: Checkin’ Out The Rivalry (74-75)
Dear Ken Macha

Checkin’ Out The Rivalry (74-75)

As the Brewers begin the final series against the Chicago Cubs this season, it's time to finally admit that it's not a real rivalry.

Dear Ken Macha: Where Do We Go Now? (69-73)
Dear Ken Macha

Where Do We Go Now? (69-73)

The Brewers' struggles have put Ken on the managerial hot seat. But if Ken goes, who'll take his place? This week's letter to Ken provides a few educated guesses.

Dear Ken Macha: Winding It Down Right (66-70)
Dear Ken Macha

Winding It Down Right (66-70)

The Brewers' postseason chances are all but nil, yet there's still heart to this team and a reason to stay interested if you care about next season.

Dear Ken Macha: Down To The Wire (64-66)
Dear Ken Macha

Down To The Wire (64-66)

The Brewers' recent winning streak is casting doubt on the early naysayers' street cred, and providing a small glimmer of hope for now.

Dear Ken Macha: Eulogy For Bill Hall (60-63)
Dear Ken Macha

Eulogy For Bill Hall (60-63)

This week's letter to Ken reflects upon Bill Hall's career (RIP).

Dear Ken Macha: Hold Your Head Up (58-59)
Dear Ken Macha

Hold Your Head Up (58-59)

Has the recent dismantling of the Brewer's roster been a blessing or a curse for Ken? This week's letter focuses on all of the changes, both good and bad, in Ken's life over the past week.

Dear Ken Macha: Missed Connections (55-56)
Dear Ken Macha

Missed Connections (55-56)

From Prince Fielder and Guillermo Mota's bizarre non-meeting to over-the-top calls for firing reporters, lately there's been an awful lot of missed connections involving the Brewers.