Dear Ken Macha

  • True Stories (52-53)

    When there's no good news to write, Ken, sometimes you've got to make it up.

  • A Bitter Pill To Swallow (49-49)

    You may not want to hear it, Ken, but it's time to temper fans' trade expectations. And maybe your playoff chances.

  • Restless Trade Syndrome (47-45)

    There's more trading-deadline hysteria as the Brewers finally make a move. Plus, Prince Fielder shows his true colors and Frank Catalanotto's battle for the rights to an ironically bad 80's song.

  • It’s All Downhill From Here (45-43)

    As we cross the official mid-point of the season, let's stop and congratulate a few of the most-deserving Brewers from the first half of the season. Join me, Ken, in the first-and-potentially-last-ever presentation of the Dear Ken Macha Mid Season Awards.

  • Respect Your Elder

    Writers and sports radio hosts spend so much time speculating on who the Brewers should trade for, who should be benched and who isn't performing right. Yet when their opinions are confirmed in a moment of extreme candor it's such a shock to their sensibilities that it suddenly becomes more than a statement of truth -- it becomes a flagrant act of disrespecting your elders. The media-created outcry over the comments even prompted your boss, Doug Melvin, into the fray, which only fueled the fire. Yet, surprisingly, his comments, which actually could be taken as disrespectful and patronizing (“I’ll be glad to have Ryan help if he wants to. I’ll give him a badge and he can be my deputy.") were accepted without sparking another round of the bogus flamewar.

  • Bummerfest! (40-35)

    The slightly greasy aroma of fried foods; the muffled rumble of motorcycles and fireworks echoing in the night; the same interchangeable headliners year after year. Do you know what all this means? It's Summerfest, Ken -- can you feel the excitement? You may not realize it, Ken, but the musical acts at Summerfest have a lot in common with your players. Let's examine a few of those happy and not-so-happy similarities...

  • Help Wanted (37-32)

    Even with our very own C+C Hit Factory -- Counsell and Casey McGehee -- continuing their gritty ways, the lack of production from the lower half of the order has put you in a pickle, Ken. Do you look to add another bat to the lineup or do you focus on quality starting pitching, hoping it provides just enough momentum to propel the Brewers into the playoffs? In order to help you help us, Ken, I've compiled a quick summary of the potential players Doug Melvin refuses to acknowledge the Brewers are considering.

  • Little Chicago (34-29)

    As more than half of the Sunday crowd stood up and cheered for Mark Buerhle after he hit his first home run since high school, I saw the cliche'd writing on the wall: Milwaukee is destined to become a defacto territory of Chicago. It's really not that bad, Ken. Yes, it's going to take some adjustment, but why fight that which we cannot control.

  • Greater Expectations (33-24)

    Standing just a few games past the one-third mark of the season, weeks like the past one that will begin to frustrate fans exponentially more as the calendar turns toward September. No matter how common they are during the season, they're the equivalent of abandoned swimming pools for mosquitos, breeding nothing but rampant speculation and trade rumors.

  • Red, Red Whine (30-20)

    Certain rivals have been whining an awfully lot lately about the Brewer's winning ways. This week's letter to Ken Macha congratulates him on his managerial acumen in getting under other team's skins and for helping fans save money when getting girl drink drunk.

  • When It Rains, It Pours (27-18)

    Dear Ken Macha, Since I last wrote to you, Ken, there’s been a bit of a cloud hanging over the team. First, Rickie Weeks’ wrist injury sidelined our perpetually on the brink —  and finally turning the corner  — second basemen for the rest of the season, dealing a significant blow to our offense. Then, […]

  • Ransom! (23-14)

    Superb job, Ken! The number of losses in the subject line of this letter hasn't changed from 14 all week. That's quite the impressive fact considering the Pirates were the only team you'd swept until the Marlins came to town.