Arts & Entertainment

  • Take One

    Milwaukee Children’s Film Festival

    Milwaukee Film blends awesome kid’s films with important lessons in media literacy for the whole family.

  • Obama

    Fixing the economy, 12 jobs at a time

    We didn’t learn anything new Monday. But Obama's appearance affords an opportunity to look at job creation, the bane of current global economic recovery efforts.

  • Waters and Rangel

    swamp drainage detritus

    Democrats may not have invented the circular firing squad, but you got to admit, they sure have perfected it.

  • Threads


    Soon, we'll pack away our light and breezy summer garments in exchange for something more substantial. Personally, I'm looking forward to fall because it means one thing: boot season.

  • Sewer wars

    Underground and on the air

    MMSD dumps 2.1 billion gallons of combined sewage and storm water into Lake Michigan. But when we received 63 billion gallons of rain, was there any choice?

  • Clarke v. Moews should be November ballot

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke looks like a sure thing, but he has to face MPD Lt. Chris Moews in a race that pits the "Fox News Democrat" against a real Democrat.

  • Food, music and the life worth living

    Food is more than food at the Laurie Raphael Restaurant. It resonates. It intensifies life. It does what art does.

  • Blind justice flies the rainbow flag

    George H.W. Bush appointee Chief Judge Vaughn Walker overturns Prop 8 under the crazy notion that the legality of marriage is not about values - it's about rights.

  • Religious freedom for all

    Muslims wish to worship within blocks of Ground Zero. This is what America is about; to say otherwise is an affront to our Constitution and democratic values.

  • Threads

    Fads, done right

    Leggings, wide-leg trousers and distressed denim: all trends with loads of potential...if they're done right.

  • Brother, can you spare a penny?

    Wisconsin schools are on life support and the "Pennies for Kids" sales tax campaign is simply a shot of penicillin to keep schools alive.


    Lyricism as outreach

    Through the COA's youth programming, spoken word artist Damien Smith helps teens channel their emotions and express themselves through poetry.