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Now Serving: More Brunch and Ramen, Less Pizza
Now Serving

More Brunch and Ramen, Less Pizza

New restaurants Brunch and Red Light Ramen open, Rustico will close.

Plenty of Horne: Aladdin Brings Cafe to City Hall
Plenty of Horne

Aladdin Brings Cafe to City Hall

The Middle Eastern-restaurant is also located at Public Market and Amtrak station.

What’s Milwaukee?

What’s Milwaukee?

Thou art thyself, though not Milwaukee. What’s Milwaukee? It is not block nor building, not park or plaza or any other part belonging to a city. Would a city by any other name have so much potential? So Milwaukee would, if not Milwaukee called, retain that dear structure which it owns without that title. What is in the name Milwaukee anyway? Fortuitously, the name is derived from the Algonquian word Millioke, which literally means “good/beautiful/pleasant land”.

The Roundup: Burke Gets Break
The Roundup

Burke Gets Break

The Supreme Court granted a stay Friday, and Burke’s trial is postponed.

The Roundup: Mother Denies Child Abduction
The Roundup

Mother Denies Child Abduction

A Moncada family feud.