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5Q for Bridget Griffith Evans

Of Bluebirds and new beginnings

By - Apr 16th, 2010 04:00 am
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On my desk is a 1912 copy of The Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck. In my motley collection of DVD’s, The Bluebird, based on Maeterlinck’s story,  stars corkscrew-curled and deeply dimpled Shirley Temple. And may I say that my favorite bird is the bluebird, of which I’ve seen many both in Iowa and here. Yes, this is a rather flimsy excuse for being attracted to a painting of Bridget Griffith Evans’ bluebird, but since it’s spring and Bridget has a new nest/workspace/gallery, here goes. My great grandma’s name was Bridget too. Shut up and ask the questions, Judith.

Holy Bluebirds, you’ve been in quite a few exhibition/work spaces in Milwaukee. It’s hard to keep track. I first met you when you opened a Riverwest gallery with Gene Evans. You’ve moved around a lot, and now you’re back in the Marshall Building where you had two prior and very popular galleries?

The Luckystar Studio and the M-80 co-op.

Bridget Paints is about to open in the basement, one floor below your former venues. Are you going to continue showing your paintings with Elaine Erickson Gallery, also in the Marshall Building?

To tell you the truth, I haven’t even thought about this.

Your bluebird image reminds me of Jason Rolf’s birds that sometimes roost at the Tory Folliard Gallery. Michael Kasun’s birds sometimes hang out at the Portrait Society Gallery. What’s with this bird thing? Is it a spring thing?

I started the series, by chance, almost three years ago. It’s a subject matter I’ve always been attracted to, and over the years I’ve collected quite a bit of bird art, by other artists. One of the reasons I resisted painting birds for so long was that it is such a popular subject matter. One day I decided that was silly. Who cares? These are my birds and I’ll paint what I want.

Right. Who cares? I mean, the greatest painter of fowl ever, Audubon, probably didn’t give a damn either. Will you be exhibiting the work of other artists, perhaps former exhibitors associated with Luckystar and M-80?

I’m certainly interested in working with other artists, but right now I don’t have anything planned. I want to keep the schedule open for more spontaneity.

Are you planning on taking any of your art on-the-road this summer?

No traveling exhibits planned for this year. Gene and I are doing one Luckystar Studio show this year—  “The Last Laugh” is scheduled for September 27, at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Bridget Griffith Evans will open her new studio, Bridget Paints, to the public on Gallery Night, April 16 2010. You’ll find her in the Marshall Building, located at  207 E. Buffalo Street.

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