5Q: A Chat with Costello

A Chat with Costello

Make that Dagmara Costello, a Polish-born painter and member of the Marshall Building's The Fine Art Gallery, whose landscapes are nothing short of ethereal.

5Q: Pfister Narrator Julie Ferris

Pfister Narrator Julie Ferris

The Pfister's first Narrator earned a Ph.D from the University of Iowa. In her spare time, she's working on a novel. Keep your eye on this one.

5Q: A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side

"Excavating, tearing down and rebuilding" - painter Jane Gates talks about reinvention, finding inspiration in nature and why it's okay to break a few rules.

5Q: Welcome home, Luckystar

Welcome home, Luckystar

After a decade, a short hiatus and several new addresses, Luckystar Studio returns to the Third Ward.

5Q: Thomas Schulteis

Thomas Schulteis

Who’s the dude sitting in a dental chair? My interest piqued, so I contacted the artist for a 5Q. He's a man of few words, but the work speaks for itself.

5Q: Beauty, sorrow and American detritus

Beauty, sorrow and American detritus

Kevin J. Miyazaki discusses internment camps, his charity-based photography website and the ragged beauty of abandoned fast food establishments.

5Q: Architect Scott Jackson

Architect Scott Jackson

The owner/director of Cedar Gallery discusses his ideal living quarters, favorite buildings and why condos freak him out.

5Q: From then to now

From then to now

Former Milwaukee-based artist Carri Skoczek chats about living part-time in New Orleans and oil spill inspired art.

5Q: The Marshall Building’s Robert DeToro

The Marshall Building’s Robert DeToro

The venerable building's co-owner is making a few changes to the Third Ward landmark and destination for the arts

5Q: Elevating Tenants

Elevating Tenants

The Marshall Building's elevator grumbles about the daily grind and hints at possible upcoming renovations.

5Q: Grazing on Downer

Grazing on Downer

What's the deal with all these sheep on Downer Avenue? And how can they graze without grass? So many questions. Judith goes in search of answers, but these sheep aren't talking much.

5Q: A fascination with nature

A fascination with nature

In 2008, in the deserts of New Mexico, Riverwest-based painter David Niec set out on an ambitious project: to capture an entire moon cycle on canvas.