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Elevating Tenants

By - Jul 21st, 2010 04:00 am
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Wow, for an elevator in a century-old Third Ward building you rock circa ’60s & ’70s. I think I had these same interior wood panels in my Brookfield tri-level. Well, never mind. Despite being a real slow-poke, you always get me where I’m going in the Marshall Building, and that could be any one of a number of floors. Sometimes I stop at the Shepherd Express on floor four and then whiz on up to five to visit the Portrait Society.

I also have friends (Gallery 218, Merge and The Fine Arts Gallery) on floor two. That floor recently had a makeover, including a fix on your exterior face of steel. Chic!

So what’s new?

Up and Down, Down and Up. Same old, same old. You’d be surprised what these ears have heard, especially during Gallery Night & Day when I haul loads of art types intent on visiting our galleries. What button did you push? Have you visited the lower level? Up & Down. Down & Up.

Sure. Three artists (Diane Soffa, Jane Gates and Thomas Kovacich) are opening the 285 sq. ft. Safi Studios down there. Hear tell it’s tucked behind your rear in suite LL8, near Bridget Paints.

You think you’ve got problems! People get antsy on elevators, you know! Me? My style is nice and easy and the best part of my day is scoring a whiff of chicken with garlic sauce take-out from Jing’s on floor one. It’s next door to Grava Gallery which is next door to Elaine Erickson Gallery a few doors east of Cranston’s. Did I mention a big blast of steaming java helps lubricate my gears? Oh yeah, and you can’t possibly overlook the huge Reginald Baylor gallery.

Your insides are reminiscent of a rec room. Let’s have a Manhattan, hold the cherries and heavy on the brandy. When do you rest?

Hardly ever, unless I halt to be cleaned or fixed.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

That’s easy… it’s the Ups & Downs; the Downs & Ups. I’m pumped about plans for re-doing the building, though…new snazzy entry way on Buffalo; updated lobby, vast improvements everywhere. Wait till you see the signage! I hear they may rename the building, sort of, like you know, “brand” it as a destination for art. Maybe call it “Mar-Ho.” Naaaah! Are you getting off here?

Soon I’ll be interviewing a chap from floor 5 about the plans for the Marshall Building. It’s top secret, so keep your yap (errr, ah, I mean “door”) shut. See ya.

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