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Photos From the Top of the Downer Avenue Parking Garage

By - Jan 1st, 2009 08:34 pm
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This past year saw tension grow between New Land Enterprises and East Side residents over the proposed redevelopment of Downer Avenue.  Although the issue isn’t completely resolved, as shown by the ongoing lawsuit, progress has been made towards the redevelopment of Downer Avenue.  At this point the Schwartz building has been rehabbed and medical offices have been added to the long vacant upper floors.  The much debated parking garage has opened and Associated Bank’s move to the new space nears.  Further a couple of storefronts in the Mulkern Building building have been redone and more will be updated as spaces become available.

A reader suggested that we take a few pictures from the top of the parking garage, so after a long delay we present these photos from the top of the Downer Avenue parking garage.

Photo Gallery

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