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With Grassroots Win for State Assembly, Brostoff Thanks District for Support

As Democratic nominee for District 19, Brostoff stresses unity, positive dialogue

By - Aug 13th, 2014 05:04 pm

MILWAUKEE – Jonathan Brostoff, Democratic nominee for the 19th Assembly District, released the following statement in thanks to his supporters that made it possible:

“I am so humbled to have earned enough support to be our Democratic nominee to represent the 19th District,” Brostoff said. “After eight months of hard work with a dedicated grassroots team that helped us knock on over 31,000 doors and make 17,000 calls to neighbors, we have accomplished what many thought was impossible.”

“Despite the tens of thousands of dollars spent by outside special interests in this race, we have demonstrated the strength of hard work, a positive campaign, and a vision for a better city,” said Brostoff. “We’re proud that our grassroots campaign brought together dozens of dedicated volunteers of all backgrounds to achieve this improbable result.”

“We had a very strong group of talented individuals running in this election,” Brostoff said. “I wish Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, Dan Adams, and Sara Geenen the best and look forward to working together with them to create a progressive future.”

“Regardless of who neighbors supported in this election, I will work hard to earn their vote in November,” Brostoff said. “While we have many different, diverse neighborhoods, we are one district and one community.”

“We will continue our hard working, positive campaign to win in November and bring fresh, effective leadership to the Assembly.”

Jonathan Brostoff is the District Director for Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) and is currently on a leave of absence to run for State Assembly in District 19. A longtime resident and community leader in the District, Brostoff is dedicated to bringing effective, progressive leadership to the state legislature. The general election is November 4th.

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