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Juvenile justice system in shambles

Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan

By - Sep 12th, 2014 02:06 pm

I learned today that Milwaukee police arrested two 14-year-olds in the investigation into the recent string of armed carjackings and robberies that have terrorized Milwaukee.

Now think back to when you and I were 14, and the things we would do for fun or after our homework was finished. I guarantee you that armed robbery wasn’t on the list of fun things to do!

It seems day-in and day-out we are hearing shocking stories – one after another – of out-of-control juveniles behaving outrageously and, in some cases, committing heinous crimes.

I ask very simply: Where is Milwaukee’s leadership on this issue?

I have cops telling me that our juvenile justice system is one of the worst in the nation, with kids not getting turned around or rehabilitated, and with the vast majority of them assembling lengthy police records by the time they turn 18.

Our system was set up to ensure that laws are enforced and that order is sustained, but it appears that it is a joke to most of these troublemakers.

Where is the mayor? Where is the county’s chief judge? Where is the District Attorney?

They have the time to chastise me for simply pointing out the failures of our system, but they can’t seem to do anything about juveniles running amok across Milwaukee. All the while, our citizens are suffering and living in fear of these baby-faced criminals!

I guess until someone actually stands up and gets tough on these juveniles, the young punks will just continue to run the streets and behave as if they cannot be touched (why not steal a car if the cops are unlikely to give chase?!).

The time is now for someone to fix our broken juvenile justice system.

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