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Ald. Zielinski, MPD ready enforcement strategy for “Miltown Throwdown”

News release from Alderman Tony Zielinski

By - Sep 29th, 2015 10:46 am

Following a meeting yesterday with officials from the Milwaukee Police Department, Alderman Tony Zielinski announced a new strategy for curbing the dangerous nuisance behavior associated with the summer’s “Miltown Throwdown” motorcycle gathering in Milwaukee. During the event, Zielinski said riders blocked traffic, drove recklessly, damaged property and created a public nuisance.

“Milwaukee’s rich motorcycle heritage was sullied by a handful of bad actors and poor behavior,” Alderman Zielinski said. “But with some proactive policing and the targeted enforcement of our existing ordinances, we have a plan to prevent a repeat of what happened in August.”

Using news footage and videos taken during the event (see links below), Zielinski said MPD has identified participants who served as spokespersons for the event. MPD will hold these individuals responsible, as de facto organizers, for obtaining a permit to host any future events, as well as any traffic violations they may incur. Failure to obtain a permit would make each organizer subject to a $500 citation for hosting an unpermitted event under city ordinance 105-55.5, as well as a $500 citation for unlawful assembly.

“The organizers of Miltown Throwdown, and anyone else who would disrupt the safe flow of traffic and the peaceful character of our neighborhoods, are on notice,” Alderman Zielinski said. “This kind of behavior simply will not be tolerated.”

Event permitting information is available at

Footage of the Miltown Throwdown event organizers is available at these links:

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