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Walker and Ryan must denounce Trump & Fox News and stand up for Wisconsin

The following is a statement from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Communications Director, Melanie Conklin.

By - Jan 12th, 2018 04:21 pm
Scott Walker and Donald Trump.

Scott Walker and Donald Trump.

MADISON — As President Trump’s racist slurring of El Salvador, Haiti and African countries as “shitholes” made its way across the country, it was met with silence or tepid criticism from Wisconsin’s Republican leaders.

Gov. Scott Walker has had the better part of a day to respond but has chosen not to. Speaker Paul Ryan meekly called the comments “very unfortunate” and “unhelpful.”

Fox News host Jesse Watters added to the already appalling comments by attacking Wisconsin, saying:

“This is how the forgotten men and women of America talk at the bar. If you’re at a bar, and you’re in Wisconsin, and you think they’re bringing in a bunch of Haiti people, or El Salvadorians, or people from Niger, this is how some people talk…”

The following is a response from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning:

“We must call the President’s comments what they are: racist and utterly unbefitting of a leader of our country. Our leaders must condemn racism and bigotry when they see it, not stand by meekly as Trump degrades our country.

“While enjoying snowmobiling, I’ve stopped at many bars to warm up and get something to eat and I’ve never heard anyone speak in the way Fox News claims. In denouncing Trump’s hatred, Walker and Ryan must also stand up for Wisconsin as a place that does not tolerate hatred.”

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7 thoughts on “Walker and Ryan must denounce Trump & Fox News and stand up for Wisconsin”

  1. Tom says:

    This press release shows just how out of touch WisDems really are.

    President Trump’s comments ARE Walker’s Wisconsin PROUD !!!

    Wisconsin voters put Trump over the top in winning the Presidency.

    The majority of Wisconsinites are 100% supportive of the insightful comments made by President Trump.

  2. roz says:

    really, insightful??? when has 45 been insightful. oh, i get it. he knows that their are racists out here just like him. gee, tom, i hope you are proud to be one of them.

  3. roz says:

    please don’t correct my their. hard to catch without my glasses.

  4. Old Man Yells at Cloud says:

    *insightful* Yes, they provide insight into the minds of troubled individuals. Walker and Ryan would do well to separate themselves but they won’t until the likes of Tom finally sober up from the MAGA kool-aid.

  5. ERIC J. says:

    The majority of voting American citizens are —N O T — 100% supportive of the insightful comments made by President Trump. ( He did lose the popular vote in the nation . You do understand what that means -aina ??? )

  6. will says:

    Trump, Walker and Ryan all live by their same God,.whites only. Walker and his gang at Milwaukee County did racist comments to many non majority. The world is moving ahead without America.

  7. Terry says:

    Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are just sycophantic boot licking toadies for Trump. They are enabling his crypto-fascism at this most imortant time instead of rebuking it! This will not be forgotten. They are like Chamberlain was to Hitler, enablers, appeasers! They have no conviction nor principles except party over country and to.enrich themselves personally and politically. History will not forget, nor will voters.

    DUMP WALKER 2018!!
    DUMP RYAN 2018!!


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