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Vukmir And Nicholson Support Trump Limits to Women’s Healthcare Access

"Shame on Leah Vukmir..."

By - Oct 6th, 2017 04:15 pm
Leah Vukmir. Photo courtesy of Vukmir for Senate.

Leah Vukmir. Photo courtesy of Vukmir for Senate.

MADISON — The Trump Administration is waging war on women’s healthcare access by rolling back the federal mandate for employers to provide workers with coverage for birth control — a dangerous move that will threaten birth control access for hundreds of thousands of women across the country.

“Shame on Leah Vukmir, whose far-right extreme views are on full display as she cheers the Trump Administration for slamming the door on hundreds of thousands of American women’s access to birth control. And doubly so on Kevin Nicholson, whose disqualifying silence on Trump‘s move speaks even greater volumes,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning. “Wisconsin women deserve a champion in the U.S. Senate — someone like Tammy Baldwin, who stands up for and protects their access to a full range of healthcare options — and it’s now clear that neither Leah Vukmir nor Kevin Nicholson fit that bill.”

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2 thoughts on “Vukmir And Nicholson Support Trump Limits to Women’s Healthcare Access”

  1. will says:

    Many women have survived many types of cancer because of planned parenthood. Thank god for them. Education on sexual issues is the best way to stop the spread of many diseases. Not put your lying head in the sand like crazy Vukmir and her shameful Unamerican trolls that dont give a rats as about human dignity. Vukmir and ilks just want bags of money to spread lies.

  2. Jason Troll says:

    I do n’t have to pay for the destruction of life. You would think with all the billionaires on the left that they could donate the gift of abortion to the masses. The next five hundred abortions are brought to you by Rice Krispies.

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