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Sheriff Clarke offers support for plan to address motorcycle issues

News release from Alderman Tony Zielinski

By - Aug 13th, 2015 09:36 am

After discussing the matter with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski said the sheriff is in support of the alderman’s plan for addressing the recklessness displayed during the “Miltown Throwdown” motorcycle event—and other such future events.

“Sheriff Clarke was eager to hear about the three-part plan to correct this nuisance behavior,” Alderman Zielinski said, “and he has pledged his support, along with the resources of his department, to addressing this issue in the future.”

Alderman Zielinski himself witnessed the recklessness demonstrated by “Miltown Throwdown” participants over the weekend as they blocked traffic, drove recklessly, damaged property and otherwise made themselves a public nuisance. Yesterday, he met with local officials to come up with a comprehensive strategy to address those issues. Alderman Zielinski said he plans to see that those identified as having contributed to the problems will be prosecuted, that knowingly participating in an unpermitted gathering of this sort will be punishable by a forfeiture of up to $500, and that local law enforcement is prepared to deal with such issues in the future.

Additionally, Alderman Zielinski hopes to work with neighboring municipalities in order to enact similar policies in those cities and villages.

“The citizens of West Allis and Oak Creek were subjected to this behavior just as much as the citizens of Milwaukee,” he said.

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