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Response to Passage of the GOP Tax Plan

"Today Republicans became the party of raising taxes on America’s middle class."

By - Dec 20th, 2017 12:19 pm

The following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning on the passage of the final version of the GOP tax plan.

“The Republican tax bill is neither fair nor simple.

“Instead, Republicans pieced together a monstrous bill that rips health care from people to give more wealth to mega corporations and billionaires, all while exploding the deficit which they will later use to justify draconian cuts to services people rely on.

“This bill will divide and weaken us as it further widens the already alarming inequalities in America. Republicans also failed our responsible businesses, small and large, that do right by their workers and keep great jobs here in America.

“It fails to provide needed relief to hard-working Americans that need a tax break.

Today Republicans became the party of raising taxes on America’s middle class.

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2 thoughts on “Response to Passage of the GOP Tax Plan”

  1. Dennis says:

    come on now. this title is why people don’t believe partisans. I think the bill is just awful but in the short term it does not raise taxes on most people until after 2025. it is highly regressive and a give away to the wealthy. It also adds to the debt that republicans are supposed to be so concerned about but it mostly does not raise taxes for the middle class now. It will cost the poor and middle class more after all the spending cuts come into play next when they cut funding for all the other programs. that is what I would be more worried about.

  2. Rich says:

    Good observation Dennis. Short term thinking got us DT in the WH, so messaging is important and their only message can’t be the long term. R’s are going to win this one in the short term, so D’s are going to have to play the long game and play it well with focus on the “right now” and on the “then what”. The “then what” needs to be the “near term” game of fake justification for program cuts in 2018/2019.

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