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Kenney blasts Borkowski statements and vote on sexual assault victims

“I was disturbed by Ald. Mark Borkowski’s outrageous comments today defending illegal strip searches.”

By - Jan 19th, 2016 05:00 pm

MILWAUKEE—Candidate for 11th District Alderman Tim Kenney today blasted the incumbent’s vote and comments today regarding a city settlement with victims of police misconduct.

“I was disturbed by Ald. Mark Borkowski’s outrageous comments today defending illegal strip searches,” said Kenney. “He essentially defended the practice of sexually assaulting criminal suspects.”

According to testimony in committee, rejecting the settlement and addressing the claims individually could cost the city another $2 million.

“Ald. Borkowski is making it clear he doesn’t have a proper sense of fiscal responsibility, nor does he share the values of our community,” continued Kenney. “As a Jackson Park resident, I want safe neighborhoods for my family, and I support the police in their vigilant efforts to patrol our streets. But we must draw the line, as the courts did in this case, and I’m confident that the voters of the 11th District will elect a new Alderman on April 5.

“Leaders enact change,” said Kenney. “Incendiary rhetoric, insulting one’s colleagues, making terrible fiscal decisions to move some political agenda – that’s just wrong. The 11th district deserves a leader that makes news by moving good new ideas forward.”

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