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Governor Walker Announces Availability of Broadband Expansion Grant

Applications for the Broadband Expansion Grants are due at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin by January 25, 2018.

By - Oct 11th, 2017 03:27 pm

DODGEVILLE – Governor Walker announced today that the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is now accepting applications for a second round of Broadband Expansion Grants for Fiscal Year 2018 that will extend $7.5 million to underserved areas of the state. This grant cycle provides additional funds recently approved in the state budget. Applications for the Broadband Expansion Grants are due at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin by January 25, 2018.

“In the new budget, I significantly increased the funds available to build out broadband facilities throughout the state,” said Governor Walker. “This additional funding will provide Wisconsin’s families and businesses with the technology and information they need to prosper in today’s global economy. The need for access to reliable, high-speed internet service is becoming an increasingly important part of life for Wisconsin’s families and businesses. We recognize that broadband access is critical for a modern commercial environment, enabling businesses to reach customers and suppliers, and permitting individuals to work from home.”

Governor Walker was joined today by PSC Chair Ellen Nowak and State Broadband Director Angie Dickison at the county offices in Dodgeville to highlight the completion of a grant project for that community. Mount Horeb Telephone Company d/b/a MHTC recently finished installation of a fiber-to-the-premises service to the business park on the east side of Dodgeville, aided in part with a state broadband grant of $55,360. The business park can now offer commercial lots equipped with an up-to-date communications facility with an internet speed of up to 1 Gbps.

“We are pleased to contribute to the development of this business park,” said PSC Chair Ellen Nowak.  “The business park already had ready access to excellent highways, beneficial financial incentives and a well-educated workforce.  Now, we have added a state-of-the-art communications system to the package. We are looking forward to seeing the development of the Dodgeville business park in the near future.”

State Broadband Director Angie Dickison encouraged communities to contact the State Broadband Office for more information the Broadband Expansion Grant Program. “Our office works with communities and broadband providers to promote public private partnerships to improve broadband access across our state. We’re happy to help.”

Application instructions and additional information can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Walker Announces Availability of Broadband Expansion Grant”

  1. myfivecents says:

    Every time this subject comes up it makes my blood boil. If not for Walker this would have been done over six years ago. Now he thinks he can take credit for it happening. No way that’s going to fly. The people know better.

  2. Rita says:

    Hasn’t Walker made this announcement a dozen times already? Enough already. Deliver.

  3. will says:

    Walker turned down millions of dollars of federal grant money in 2011 which would have hookup every part of.our state. Walker is nothing more than a self serving welfare queen. I stayed at between fond du lac and.ripon and the only service they offer is dial up. People around milwaukee and across the country were laughing it up. Third world countries have better Internet service. Walker turned down this money that went to other states for his presidential run. He ended up with .001% of the vote. My dog did better then Walker.

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