Sup. Supreme Moore Omokunde
Press Release

County Supervisor Moore Omokunde has lost patience with Sheriff David Clarke

Says Clarke’s Comments About “Black Lives Matter,” Personal Attacks, Have “Ventured Out of Bounds”

By - Nov 4th, 2015 10:00 am
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Photo by Garrick Jannene.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Photo by Garrick Jannene.

Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde today issued the following statement regarding comments by Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.: “I have become increasingly perturbed and discouraged by the actions and words of Sheriff Clarke.  I have made it a point to be extremely polite, courteous and professional with him during the County Board’s Finance committee hearings, and I’ve even overlooked my personal issues with him in voting to allocate $4 million to his department’s budget in the interest of public safety.

“That being said, Sheriff Clarke has gotten out of hand, and he’s been out of hand for quite some time.  Whether it has been his egomaniacal battles with County Executive Chris Abele or his personal attacks on other representatives elected locally and nationally, he has grossly ventured out of bounds, and this is not what the people of Milwaukee County elected him to do.

“He has reduced himself to name calling other public officials and even attacking members of the very constituency that he serves, making such charges as to say protesters are out to overthrow the government.

“It is obvious that Sheriff Clark is a proponent of the Second Amendment. But it does not appear as if he has the same fervor for the First Amendment, which guarantees people the right to peacefully assemble and challenge their government.  He is putting the lives of people who choose to join social justice movements such as ‘black lives matter’ at risk with his rhetoric, and he has referred to the movement as ‘black lies matter.’ In addition,   referring to people as ‘subhuman slime’ and suggesting that law-enforcement pick and choose whom they should protect is beneath the office of the Sheriff.

“Perhaps his biggest affront has been his recent declaration that there is no police brutality, that it’s ‘something we did away with in the 1960s.’ I’d advise the Sheriff to tell that to the unarmed black men and women who have been killed by police officers, or the recent incident in South Carolina where a young lady was body-slammed and then tossed across the room.

“Again, I have always been extremely polite and professional to Sheriff Clarke. It is in my nature to do so, but then one is well-advised to treat him with kid gloves in any case, lest they become one of his targets.

“But at this point he’s really starting to piss me off.”

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18 thoughts on “County Supervisor Moore Omokunde has lost patience with Sheriff David Clarke”

  1. TallMilwaukeean says:

    Thank you County Supervisor Omokunde for saying whats on everyone’s mind! It is my belief that he has another agenda entirely. His most recent comments where very appalling to me. (I’m not a member of the black community) He has forgotten that he represents Milwaukee when he’s on TV or being interviewed. We live in one of the most segregated cities in the US. His blatant disregard for what comes out of his word hole has to stop. Why? Because it’s embarrassing to Milwaukee and our community as a whole.

  2. PaulS says:

    Thank you, Supervisor Omokunde, for being the voice of reason and civility. In a county where so many of us, of every race, are struggling to hold our common ground, to exemplify the best of our shared human race while protecting those who are victimized by bigotry, hatred, and ignorance, his is a sad and juvenile voice.

    Maybe he needs to be recalled, replaced, and someone who understands that “justice” is the key word in ‘criminal justice’ take his place. We have no room in this county for this kind of bankrupt character. Let’s have the Supervisors call for his resignation.

  3. Wes Alice regressive says:

    Sorry Omokunde, this is EXACTLY what I voted for Clarke to do. And it’s kind of hard to see where one has the moral high ground to condemn Clarke over politics and “just words” when he is the one who went out slashing tires and doing property damage as one of his first acts on the Milwaukee “political stage” so to speak.

  4. Raul says:

    Agree with the Supervisor. Black Lives Matter and ISIS couldn’t be more different, to say they’re going to join and overthrow the government, as Clarke did, is looney tunes talk. It’s not serious. It’s hateful, dangerous rhetoric. Words matter, and it makes me feel sad and frustrated for what this says about Milwaukee. We desperately need to heal and grow together.

  5. Me says:

    Thanks Omokunde. Also remeber that the sheriff plays the game. His ideals and rhetoric are conservative and Republican. However, when it comes time to vote he will have himself listed as a Democrat on the ballot because Milwaukee is overwhelmingly democrat. He would not be in office without it. Please pay attention and vote him out.

  6. Rex says:

    “Supervisor ” Moore. I can’t believe that you are allowed to be a county supervisor with a criminal history. Why don’t you go slice some tires on some republican vans. You will never be taken seriously. I’m sure your as crazy as your mother. The only reason you are in office is because blacks in the area you live don’t care about having a legitimate county supervisor because most of your constituents are criminals and racists. They would never elect a qualified white candidate.

  7. Sam Adams says:

    This is the guy that slashes tires of Republicans. Just a tool. Go cry to mommy

  8. Vincent Hanna says:

    Someone voted for Clarke so that he could go on Fox News and say racism hasn’t existed since the ’60s? Weird.

  9. Ayn Rand's Gas says:

    Does Sheriff Clarke even do his job? When he isn’t on Faux News spreading his vitriol, he spends time on 620 WTMJ sucking up to the likes of Charlie Sykes and Jeff I-wanna-be-Sykes.He’s a despicable coward, and calls himself a Democrat simply because Milwaukee voters will normally vote a straight-party-ticket. He is a con-artist and a liar; a megalomaniac; and a threat to the security of Milwaukee’s populace. He has no place in law-enforcement. He needs to go now.

  10. B Williams says:

    Mr. Omokundo, the Sheriff is speaking his feelings about issues which he and other Americans are permitted to do under the Constitution, just as that racist group black lies matter does, so who the hell are you to deprive the Sheriff of his free speech rights. You and your kind Piss me off.

  11. SteveM says:

    Well stated supervisor! This whole situation just makes me wonder what has become of the American election process. Do we really want representation or just a proxy, or hit man? And, how far will he go before even his most ardent supporters say, “enough”, because that is his current trajectory. He is an embarrassment and on the verge of doing more harm than good.

  12. John M. says:

    Politics can be a nasty business and if one “can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen” applies here as well. Clarke likely has political ambitions for higher office. That being said I really enjoy his megaphone outside the reservation attitude mainly because it grinds so much on Socialists and plantation dependency zealots who profit from the status-quo. Some Republicans started the TEA movement to glean socialists from their conservative ranks. Looks to me like Democrats need to start a movement (Tar and Expel freedom loving African-Americans) TEA for short so they can remove freedom loving conservatives from their socialist ranks. History shows very well as Clarence Thomas’s public lynching pioneered, the left has the tools to destroy any upstart and thus Clarke as well. There is no place for free thought, free speech or any non-socialist opinions, period, within the Dem Party. The party of diversity certainly has its limitations.

  13. Vincent Hanna says:

    That is such nonsense John M. Clarke is perfectly free to say whatever he wants and has been doing so, gaining supporters nationwide in the process. Being critical of Clarke’s inflammatory rhetoric does not make one intolerant. What he says is offensive and would be offensive coming from anyone. Racism died in the ’60s. Black Lives Matter supporters are like ISIS. The County Executive has penis envy. One can go on and on.

  14. Lakesha says:

    Thank you and thank you. I personally would like him removed from office. He is too irresponsible to continue in his current position. His comments are disgusting. Feel free to add me to any campaign that is involved in relieving him of his current responsibilities.

  15. John M. says:

    Vincent great tone and good comment. I studied race relations in college and had extra duty as Race relation NCO while in the service. I would like to caution you on the use of racist and racism. All humans no exception are racists.To use “I am not racist but you are” is only at tool to feel superior and divide us. People who use our instinctive fear as a reason to become prejudice and bigots or are carefully taught as youth(brainwashed) are the problem with “can’t we all just get along”. Much of our current leadership still use race issues as a tool of division, victimization and political power. Many leaders are dependent(pay their mortgages) on the Race baiting industrial complex. Clarke sees this and loathes it very much. I like you feel at times he goes too far. He does however have the correct view of our current world when it comes to Race issues his communication needs work as the directness is off putting to some.

  16. Vincent Hanna says:

    You sure are condescending and pompous. Congratulations, you studied race relations once. That proves….nothing. You make a lot of assumptions about people you don’t know. Yes race baiting exists, and yes race can be used to divide. Clarke knows how to do that as well as anyone. Why does he regularly take his arguments to Fox News? You don’t think that’s part of how he uses race to divide? He isn’t being intentionally divisive when he talks of racism being over or BLM being like ISIS? He’s actually trying to subvert the race baiting industrial complex?

  17. John M. says:

    Vincent your once good attitude has drifted into the slap down mode. It is ok as I understand. LOL First off my slant was in general terms and not about any particular individual. Your reaction is puzzling. You tell me because you are correct I do not know. I agree racism will never be over but I think you know what Clarke meant. He again uses heavy terms but clearly to me he meant Government institutions like the police no longer practice open and supported racism our prejudiced view of “Southern” police not withstanding. BLM vs ISIS are both based on prejudices and lies. Their foundations are both the result of false perceptions and mind screwing justification. I would have used a different comparison than ISIS but have to agree it is a good one. To say any police officer gets up in the mourning planning to shoot someone without just cause is a very prejudicial view. Mistakes, overreaction, fear, poor training, a bigot and a million other things can make for death of innocents but we all know this is the exception not the rule. I respect your view. I understand Clarke’s directness is overboard at times. Human behavior is a tough nut to crack. It’s best to understand one’s self and human nature in general before stepping into any fray so feelings are not hurt.

  18. rogskel says:

    County Supervisor Moore so you support the 1st amendment ‘freedom of speech’? but not for Sheriff Clarke somehow his speech doesn’t count [even if you like it or don’t]. So I have the since you don’t like some to have the right to the 1st amendment, what I would like to know about is where you stand when it comes to the 2nd amendment? I ask this because if I had to guess ‘your somehow against it or would like to limit it’…. would I be right? I know this Sheriff Clarke supports the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc, etc… amendments he supports the entire constitution and bill of rights for all legal citizens and supports due process for all people under the law and if I were a citizen of his county “I would be proud to have him as my Sheriff” on the other hand for someone like yourself you are “NO” match for Sheriff Clarke not even close… not even by a gazillion miles… you yourself a criminal would support “black lives lie” because that’s what it originated from “LIES” just like ‘hands up don’t shoot’ [me I a criminal trying to take your gun and F#@King kill you with it} and I learn as a young boy this… “once a liar always a liar”… County Supervisor Moore your a liar and a criminal.

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