Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton
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Common Council President reacts to leaked DOJ report

Statement from: Alderman Ashanti Hamilton - August 30, 2017

By - Aug 30th, 2017 05:36 pm

“The essence of a strong and cohesive relationship between our residents and law enforcement is the confidence our community has in those sworn to protect and serve it. In recent years there has been ongoing public discussion and attention given to the disparities in the experiences that Black and Hispanic residents in Milwaukee have with law enforcement.

The findings indicated in the draft Collaborative Reform Report reinforces the urgency that we all must have to recognize there are clear challenges with police-community relations and the publics’ perception of police legitimacy in Milwaukee. The data in the draft report pertaining to the disparities in misconduct complaints filed against officers, racial disparities in traffic stops, use of force by police officers and disciplinary action for misconduct, or the lack thereof, is also something that we must pay attention to.

For years in Milwaukee, residents have held public demonstrations, spoken out about their lack of confidence in the police department, and the need for greater transparency and accountability within the police department. It is important at this time for the Milwaukee Police Department to take ownership for instances when community trust has been broken, take an honest look at the work that needs to be done, and make a commitment to address these concerns with fidelity and transparency.

I affirm the concerns of residents in Milwaukee pertaining to strained community-police relationships and mistrust. It is critical and urgent that there are specific actions implemented to address these disparities and there must be honest reporting about the progress along the way. This is the time to focus on solutions, to repair the breaches of trust, and to commit to pathway forward that result in a safer city.”

More about the U.S. DOJ Analysis of MPD’s Practices and Procedures

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