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The Roundup: Lottery Takes a Gamble
The Roundup

Lottery Takes a Gamble

"We did a study of machines early in the lottery, but there was concern about underage people getting access to the machines."

The Roundup: Changes at the Election Commission
The Roundup

Changes at the Election Commission

Mayor Tom Barrett says he “will announce a change at the City Election Commission,” according to his statement to the Brady Street Association monthly meeting Tuesday, 18 May at the Hi-Hat Garage. Although he didn’t get down to specifics, you can take it to mean that Executive Director Julietta Henry will be out at the […]

The Roundup: Bobot Calls for Term Limit
The Roundup

Bobot Calls for Term Limit

Vince Bobot plans to request a change in the City Charter to limit the term of Milwaukee Mayor to two consecutive terms.