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Kevin Crowe

Investigative reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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Your Right to Know: Opee Awards For Open Records Leaders
Your Right to Know

Opee Awards For Open Records Leaders

Plaudits for Abrahamson, others. A “Nopee” for secretive state Legislature.

Hendricks’ Home Is Reassessed

Hendricks’ Home Is Reassessed

Assessment and taxes on home have been tripled in response to our story.

House Confidential: Slumlord’s River Hills Mansion
House Confidential

Slumlord’s River Hills Mansion

James Herrick lives in $1.1 million home, makes money off squalid rental properties.

Murphy’s Law: Journal Sentinel Shrinks Further
Murphy’s Law

Journal Sentinel Shrinks Further

Plummeting circulation, shrinking news coverage, closing government pressrooms.