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House Confidential: The House of Hank the Dog
House Confidential

The House of Hank the Dog

The Brewer's canine mascot has a nine-room Whitefish Bay home and 10,000 square foot lot to roam in, all worth $570,000.

The Chatter: Will Allen Goes Viral
The Chatter

Will Allen Goes Viral

From ABC News to Colbert, everybody is celebrating Will Allen.

Murphy’s Law: The War Against Chief Flynn
Murphy’s Law

The War Against Chief Flynn

Why is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel trashing the city’s best police chief in decades?

The Roundup: The Inaugural
The Roundup

The Inaugural

Marvin Pratt did not stand up with the crowd when Tom Barrett was inaugurated mayor, and the press has made a good deal of the slight. However, just after Judge Louis Butler administered the oath of office to the new mayor, Barrett’s first comments were to commend Pratt, and the former acting mayor did stand […]

Murphy’s Law: Why The Mayor is Not Dead
Murphy’s Law

Why The Mayor is Not Dead

Back in the early 1980s, Milwaukee Magazine ran a scathing caricature of Mayor Henry Maier with the title "What Does This Man Do All Day?"

Murphy’s Law: The Truth About Miller Park
Murphy’s Law

The Truth About Miller Park

Those looking for a frank assessment of Miller Park are unlikely to find it in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which rarely criticizes anything connected to the home team.