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Murphy’s Law: Kleefisch Spokesperson Compares Evers to Dahmer
Murphy’s Law

Kleefisch Spokesperson Compares Evers to Dahmer

The former Lt. Governor, who plans a run for governor, gets caught in controversy.

Murphy’s Law: Let Us Now Blame Mike Tate

Contribution to Justin Bielinski of $100

Murphy’s Law: Let Us Now Blame Mike Tate
Murphy’s Law

Let Us Now Blame Mike Tate

Hatred for the state Democratic Chair is flowing. But is he at fault for the election debacle or was the party’s message lacking?

Meet Michael S. Murphy: Architect of GOP upheaval

Meet Michael S. Murphy: Architect of GOP upheaval

Plenty of Horne: Barrett’s Birthday Party
Plenty of Horne

Barrett’s Birthday Party

The mayor's celebration is 11 days late. And Lakefront Brewery shatters its record for annual barrels manufactured.

Murphy’s Law: The New Right-Wing Media
Murphy’s Law

The New Right-Wing Media

The state is a national leader in creating new conservative publications.

Murphy’s Law: Democrats in Disarray
Murphy’s Law

Democrats in Disarray

The firing of its state spokesperson is just another sign the party has lost its way.

The Chatter: Will Abele Run for Mayor?
The Chatter

Will Abele Run for Mayor?

That's one way to consolidate city and county government, by grabbing both executive positions.

The Roundup: The Jewish Judge Who’s a Quarter Irish
The Roundup

The Jewish Judge Who’s a Quarter Irish

Governor James E. Doyle told about 75 people at Mo’s Irish Pub last Friday that “there are a number of good things I can do as governor. … I get to appoint people to the bench. As a lawyer and the son of a judge, I take this seriously.” What does the governor look for in a judge? – He’s appointed about 6 of them so far –“I get a list of very – incredibly good people. I could pick them out of a hat. But I look for intelligence, fairness, and understanding of people. Also, frankly, some much needed diversity.” Doyle got diversity all right when he appointed Glenn Yamahiro as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge last year. Yamahiro, a former public defender, lawyer in private practice, and teacher of disturbed students, is also the first Asian-American to sit on the bar in Wisconsin. He is that, and more, the crowd, gathered for a fundraiser, was to learn. Yamahiro told the crowd that he was proud to be “the first [judicial] appointee by a democratic governor in almost 20 years.” Yamahiro is running for a full term against former Judge Robert Crawford, whose antics on the bench in the past cost him his seat to Judge Louis Butler, who was present, as were such other judges as Jean DiMotto, Ted Wedemeyer, Tom Donegan, Paul Wall and judge wannabees like Audrey Skwierawski. Attorneys including the venerable Dominic Frinzi and Mark Thomsen popped in for the gig. Yamahiro has already proven himself to be one of the more amusing speakers on the bench, and among politicians generally. “I told the governor at the time of my appointment that any opponent I would get would be buried at the election. “Now we have to come through on that promise,” he said, to the general assent of the assembled, not eager for a return of the goofy Crawford. Yamahiro rubbed it in: “If it was an election of the informed, we wouldn’t need this gathering,” he said. Do not think that Yamahiro tried to coast by solely on the merits of his wit and the novelty of his Asian background. “I am the first Asian-American judge in Wisconsin, but I did have a grandma in Iowa, born about 100 years ago. Her name was Morrissey. So I have 25 percent Irish blood, and I am happy to be in Mo’s Irish Pub with the Guinness flowing.” The crowd really liked this intercultural news, and I talked to Deja Vishny, a public defender with a really cool name – and yet another story. “I’m Glenn’s wife,” she said. The couple has one child, who attends a Jewish elementary school. “I’m Jewish,” she explained. “So is Glenn,” she added. Observations From the Governor On the Legislature You get the feeling from Governor Jim Doyle that the legislature is acting like a pesky housefly that he has to keep swatting at. The recent meetings of the august representatives of the people were characterized in this […]