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Theater: Call it “Hamlet for Women”

Call it “Hamlet for Women”

Renaissance Theaterworks will stage Beckett’s powerful play, ’Happy Days’.

Theater: Rep’s ‘Junk’ Is Fast-Paced Thriller

Rep’s ‘Junk’ Is Fast-Paced Thriller

Big cast of juicy characters and dark, witty look at Wall Street junk bond deals of 1980s.

Theater: The Miracle of American Players Theatre

The Miracle of American Players Theatre

Actors, critics and audiences gather in Spring Green for classical theater.

The Season Ahead: Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
The Season Ahead

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

C. Michael Wright talks about his company's season of "Our Friends and Neighbors," and gives an on-set video interview about their first show, "'Art,'" where he plays Serge. Video by Gene Cawley.

Marquette/Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s “Lion in Winter”

Marquette/Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s “Lion in Winter”

Pointed comedy and royal rivalries, as succession to the British throne plays out against Christmas, 1183.

The Roundup: Jim Glynn Dead at 64
The Roundup

Jim Glynn Dead at 64

I had no idea it would be this soon.

The Roundup: Lavender, Black and Green
The Roundup

Lavender, Black and Green

The Green Party’s national convention will be in Milwaukee this week, with voting by delegates to be held on Saturday. The big question: will the outfit endorse Ralph Nader? This vexing question will put Milwaukee, however briefly, once again in the national spotlight. The party has endorsed the formation of several subgroups including the Black Greens, and the Lavender Greens. The first group consists of African-American members of the party, and the second with its Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and “Intergendered” (a new one for me) members. As of May there were 297,964 registered greens from 22 states, along with an undetermined number from states like Wisconsin where voter registration does not specify political party. Candidates for the party include four for U.S. Senate, 38 for the House of Representativees, one for Governor, one for Lieutenant Governor and 94 for State Legislatures. According to the party, at least 204 Greens hold office in 27 states, including Wisconsin. Nader, who received the party’s nomination in 2000, has 50 delegates thus far, behind David Cobb, with 194 and Peter Camejo with 112. Over 200 delegates support none of the above or are uncommitted. Nader wrote the party in March to say “I am running as an Independent and am not seeking nor accepting the Green Party nomination. If you do not choose a presidential candidate in Milwaukee, I would welcome your endorsement.” You can figure out for yourself whatever that means. Whomever the candidate, the party promises to run television ads in the presidential race, another first. One of the featured speakers at a post-convention rally will be Frank P. Zeidler, a former presidential candidate himself (Socialist Party) and reason enough to attend the event. A Man in a Hurray: Marc “Leadfoot” Marotta Department of Administration head Marc Marotta has a date in the Jefferson County intake court on June 29th at 9 a.m. in conjunction with his citation on May 24th for speeding on the freeway. The 41-year old attorney and former basketball star was busted for exceeding the speed limit by 20 – 24 miles per hour, an offense that carries a $255.40 bond. Officer Michael Meyers of the Jefferson County Sheriff Department collared the Mequon resident after clocking him going 21 miles over the limit. Earlier this year, on February 25th (the day after Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager was busted for drunk driving) Peter Moe of the State Patrol cited Marotta for speeding on the freeway, also in Jefferson County. It was a more easy-going Marotta that time, since he was caught speeding 16 – 19 miles per hour above the speed limit. On April 22nd, that charge was amended to Speeding on Freeway 1 – 10 miles above the limit. Marotta pled no contest to that charge and was fined $181. The vigilant officer Moe also noted that Marotta, a senior government official, had expired plates (PUR108), so we assume it is his personal vehicle in which he was hot-rodding, but that charge was dismissed. His attorney was Michael […]