2007-12 Vital Source Mag – December 2007

  • Preview

    funny stuff in January at the Pabst

    Although not a household stand-up name like Jerry Seinfeld or George Carlin, Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest, strangest, most acerbic and affable comedians on the circuit today – which is probably why the Pabst Theater took a risk in booking him as the featured act on New Year’s Eve (the December 30 date was added when demand became high) instead of some hip young musicians like last year’s party with cult rock group Cake.

  • Call and Response

    As teenagers, they learned that musicians get girls. Still embracing that high school mentality as adults, The Response “keep[s] getting older,” but their fans “stay the same age,” says bassist Mikey Blanchard. More playful than pedophiliac, the four-piece has a sense of humor that will surely inspire all kinds of journalistic inaccuracy as they make press for their overdue debut LP, releasing this month.

  • A Grouch Worth Considering

    Artist Kenn Kwint goes bonkers when he sees his first name spelled incorrectly. I’ve know him for 20-plus years, enough to know that he whines a lot, but who cares? This chap is a “painter’s painter.”

  • Cinco Jugueteros de Venezuela @ Latino Arts Center

    I hate sounding like Scrooge, but my memory bank is filled with nights-before-Christmas spent assembling toys for my kids. If you’ve ever tried finding a minuscule screw in inch-high shag carpeting, you know what I mean. There were endless batteries to test, a parade of dolls (Chatty Kathy, Baby Wets, Raggedy Ann) and, atop our […]

  • A Christmas Carol

    Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol at a time when there was a new focus on our growing human family and the plight of the poor. It was also a time when the urban Christmas tradition had started to lose meaning. Although a century or so has passed, A Christmas Carol still reminds us of the importance of charity and love for humanity that’s especially pertinent this time of year.

  • A Cudahy Caroler Christmas

    Bringing back that “old Cudahy Caroler magic” is Stasch Zielinski’s mission in A Cudahy Caroler Christmas, In Tandem Theatre’s co-presentation with the Marcus Center and a Milwaukee holiday favorite. Returning to Vogel Hall in the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts Thanksgiving weekend, this production features both new and returning cast members.

  • VITAL’s predictions for 2008

    Formulating predictions for a new year can be ironic -- they usually revolve around the roadblocks we couldn't bust through in the previous year. What license are we issued to move the immovable just by the setting and rising of the sun one more time, one more bout of shuteye, one more flip of a shiny but flimsy paper calendar?

  • Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Chr

    By Jill Gilmer From the moment you are greeted by the white-haired ladies at the entrance to the playhouse, it’s apparent that this will be no ordinary night at the theatre: this is the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society. This very amateur acting troupe attempts to perform Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol […]

  • Learning to Fly

    There will be parties and openings. There will be better, more informed coverage of and commentary on local culture from the ground up, ramping up our website so we can bring you even more new stuff all month long. And starting with this issue, we’re commissioning our covers for at least the next year. Each will feature original artwork created just for VITAL by some of the city’s most talented painters, illustrators and photographers. It may or may not be related to anything inside the book; it’s a canvas, not a story illustration. And it’s pretty damn exciting.

  • Robert Plant/Alison Krauss

    If you’re an Alison Krauss fan, this is another jewel in what must be a heavy crown. If you’re a Robert Plant enthusiast and have admired his career of lefts and rights, you should pick this one up. If you’re one of those Plant fans who are still waiting for “Achilles’ Second Last Stand,” you should pass.

  • What Gives?

    By Kenya Evans, Brian Jacobson, April Jones & Amy Elliott DONATIONS One fairly obvious – and fabulously generous – gift that gives is a donation in someone else’s name. These unique organizations won’t leave your recipients snarling wicked holiday wishes under their breath. a. Ducks! Real, live ducks! $20 Heifer International – heifer.org Who’d imagine […]

  • Richard and Linda Thompson

    Richard Thompson is a hardly a household name these days, but back in 1975 he was a true cult artist.