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  • Working against intolerance

    Between the ruckus over a community center and inane rants of a minister in Florida, anti-Islam sentiment is on the rise. Not only is it hateful, it's un-American.

  • Do this, don’t do that

    The summer of 2010 shall henceforth be known as the Summer of Boycotts. But it's sort of a good thing.

  • An urban(e) voice returns

    Local urban radio gets a boost as Eric Von returns with "The Morning Show" to WMCS 1290-AM on July 19.

  • Selling girlfriendship

    Through boyfriends, husbands, kids and parents, your girlfriends are always there and they're good for you too!

  • Hey! We’re on TV!

    TCD's Jon Anne Willow and Tom Strini are co-hosts and co-producers of Arts Digest, MPTV's new arts magazine show. Premiere is set for 8 p.m. Monday, Channel 10.