Up All Night

  • Wisconsin’s Small Government Experiment

    Nobody in favor of small government has experienced it, though many of them have prospered despite pesky taxes. Are they really ready for what's coming?

  • You want tax cuts? Cough up those jobs

    It's time to stop pretending an apple is an orange. Political posturing and a broken tax code are at the heart of the latest Congressional squawk.

  • Obama

    Fixing the economy, 12 jobs at a time

    We didn’t learn anything new Monday. But Obama's appearance affords an opportunity to look at job creation, the bane of current global economic recovery efforts.

  • Remembering Jude on Mother’s Day

    It's my first Mother's Day without my mom. To her, I offer blessings, thanks and some overdue apologies.

  • A year and a day

    Thrills, chills and spills - the last year has been a little insane. Editor Jon Anne Willow regrets not planning a party for TCD's first anniversary, but hopes to do better next time.

  • (W)ringing out the old

    As 2009 winds down at long last, TCD's editor finds herself at a loss for words. Sort of.

  • No need for media-fueled, inter-generational Cola Wars

    The idea of a 3-way workplace cage match makes for interesting punditry, but at the ground level it doesn't hold much water.

  • The ordinary cruelty of children

    TCD's Editor takes a carpool shift and receives an unexpected glimpse into the harshness of playground politics - and the resiliency of kids.

  • The way of the Soul

    “Growing up” is too often a trick play, a series of potentially debilitating compromises of the soul. But it's never too late to mind your inner voice.

  • Tragic

    My mother recently died from smoking cigarettes, leaving me to grapple with the thorny issue of slow suicide by addiction.

  • Princess Peach, Sparrow and the new no-holds barred gender equality

    It’s spring break at my house and I’m trying to work more from home this week to maximize face time with the youngsters. It’s been kind of hit and run so far, but it’s still nice. Today I took a break in the afternoon to hang out in the family room with my 11 and […]

  • Rethinking journalism

    let’s get small

    It’s been another terrible week for newspapers. Four Michigan cities will soon be without dailies; Reuters reported yesterday that Conley Media is cutting the Monday editions of the Waukesha Freeman and the West Bend Daily News (what will they call it now?); Cox Publications is cutting about 245 jobs at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Hearst Corp. […]