Up All Night

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    Green is the new black

    “In 60 seconds, you can make toast, water a fichus, take a power nap and, now, save the Earth.” That’s heavy stuff, especially coming from renowned global climate expert Cameron Diaz. She’s teamed up with Al Gore on his latest megalomedia campaign, 60 Seconds to Save the Earth, a contest where young people can submit […]

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    Cheap adversaries

    We’re having a tribe rummage sale soon, and it’s long overdue. We’ll all be attempting to foist off what we no longer have room for on people who still have some space or, ideally, an actual need for it. It’s time to purge. Yesterday I took two pickup trucks full of stuff to my sister’s […]

  • The Editor’s Desk

    A crash course in teen parenting

    Dear Readers, As I write my column this month, I’m sitting at my patio table in the early chill of a spring morning. I can only write when I’m alone, and today this is the only quiet corner of my universe. I am so far behind that the rest of the magazine is already at […]

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    Wrong is wrong

    Dear Readers, Freedom to say what you want, smoke where you want and carry a gun in your jacket pocket are all under loud discussion at the moment. The question of how much restraint is appropriate in our local schools should also be near the top of the list, though public outcry on this matter […]

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    Six things you should know about VITAL

    Dear readers, Anyone who’s ever worked in the business of communication knows this to be true: Professional communicators are some of the most ineffective personal communicators. Anyone who’s ever owned a small business knows this to be true as well: By the time you do everything you have to do to get your “product” out […]

  • VITAL Source co-publishers on WUWM’s Lake Effect

    On March 21, 2007, VITAL Source founder and co-publisher Mehrdad Dalamie and co-publisher and editor in chief Jon Anne Willow sat down with Lake Effect’s Jane Hampden to talk about what it’s like to make it for five years as an independent, alternative print publication in an increasingly aggregated, corporate-owned media world. Click here to […]

  • A new hope?

    By Jon Anne Willow Dear Readers, First off, thank you to everyone who came down to our 5th birthday party on February 24 at Turner Hall. I will freely admit that at press time the party hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll refrain from any mention of what a huge success it was. I can with […]

  • Yeah, we’re five

    By Jon Anne Willow + Mehrdad J. Dalamie From Mehrdad: February 2007 marks the beginning of the sixth year of VITAL Source. As I look back, I cannot help but wonder if we would have survived doing it any differently. By that I mean that all the ambition in the world would not have meant […]

  • Second-Generation Tribe

    I’ve been home for the holiday and am, as always, amazed at how metro Des Moines, Iowa, has grown and changed since I grew up here. Some of these changes, like shopping centers and multi-lane highways, are to be expected – such things weren’t widely required most places in the Plains region of the Midwest […]

  • And trade “them” for what?

    By Jon Anne Willow Dear Readers, Being a monthly publication has its disadvantages of timing. Never is this more apparent to me than when I have to write this column before a momentous event, knowing most people won’t read it until after. Such is the case with these midterm elections. As of this morning, both […]

  • Shoot from the hip

    By Jon Anne Willow You may have heard of Cedar Block, Milwaukee’s premiere presenter of offbeat creative events with an emphasis on group participation. You may have heard of Saul Leiter, the New York street photographer who blazed the trail for the use of color in art photography in the mid 20th century. And you […]

  • What kind are you?

    By Jon Anne Willow Dear Readers, My boyfriend is my favorite kind of conservative. A drive past a “Give Peace a Chance” yard sign is enough to get him started. “I don’t want to hear from anyone about being unhappy with the way things are going unless they have a plan to change it,” is […]