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  • What’s Happening

    June 8-14

    This week in Milwaukee: Grizzly Bear attacks The Pabst, Milwaukee celebrates Pride, 48-Hour Film screenings and a crap-ton of free music!

  • Gathering Waters

    Milwaukee’s fresh (water) festival

    This week, the Friends of Milwaukee's Lakeshore State Park hosts a landmark event: the Gathering Waters Festival, featuring dozens of activities, demonstrations and hands-on exhibits that promote the wellness of our city's freshwater resources. With kayaking and canoeine, catamaran rides, rock climbing, fishing, music, food and drink, it's a must-attend summer kickoff at Wisconsin's only urban state park.


    Nilson Studios at Beloit’s Fine Arts Incubator

    Painted Beats reflects the apocalypse of inner city life through smoke and light, huge paintings that swallow the viewer in the dark shades of urban decay, and a soundtrack of beats mixed specifically for each piece. Stereos with several sets of Koss-donated headphones will be installed in front of each art work for take one step further into the landscape. Nilson says his viewer/listeners will be absorbed in "an Artist's Rapture."

  • The Riverwest 24

    It starts tonight! Here's our feature from June!

  • Andy Borowitz Talks The Moth In Milwaukee

    ThirdCoast Digest talks to Andy Borowitz, writer, satirist, storyteller, creator of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and host of The Moth, coming to Turner Hall Ballroom June 6.

  • 2009 Farmer’s Market Guide

    Whether you feel like taking a stroll down the street or a day trip to one of Wisconsin's charming small towns; be you in search of local honey (which might help ward off allergies), artisan soaps and skin care products, fresh-baked bread and bakery, herbs and flowers or just some fresh green beans and potatoes for dinner; even if you just go to meet your neighbors and hear some music, Wisconsin's farmers markets are a many splendor'd thing. Bookmark this page and enjoy your locally-grown summer.

  • Celebrate easy Green Living at The Domes

    The Green Living Festival shows Milwaukee how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


    The First Mondo Lucha took place last fall, and watching was like having your senses slammed onto a sweaty mat. A misfit crew of masked luchador wrestlers, circus performers, a house band (this show the band is Maritime), and tantalizing burlesque dancers gave the audience the wow wow wee, and left everyone hungry for more. TCD caught up with Mondo Lucha co-producer and promoter Andrew Gorzalski to ask him about the second Mondo Lucha this Saturday, April 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.