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10th Annual Summer of Peace

The 10th annual Summer of Peace Parade and Rally marched through Milwaukee from Sherman Park to Washington Park. See more than 50 new photos from the event.

By - Jul 31st, 2012 12:06 pm
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Milwaukee’s tenth annual Summer of Peace Parade and Rally stepped off on Friday morning. Starting at Sherman Park, hundreds of young people and volunteers marched down Sherman Boulevard to participate in a peace rally at Washington Park. The event was sponsored by several renowned organizations including the Boys and Girls Club, COA Youth Center, Medical College of Wisconsin, Peace Action, True Skool, Urban Ecology Center, and the Helen Bader Foundation.

The parade was led by a stilt walker who impressively trekked the nearly two mile route without folly. Several participants constructed their own striking anti-violence signs and costumes for the walk. Youth marchers donned matching t-shirts from their sponsoring organizations and participated in chants along the way.

Floats and oversized puppets constructed by artists from Milwaukee Public Theatre and Milwaukee Mask and Puppet Theatre were among the most memorable components. This year’s theme was “Finding Your Voice,” and featured towering reverse marionettes in the likenesses of famous musicians from different decades. The Extra Crispy Brass Band’s upbeat jazz funerary-style music at the rear of the procession complimented the giant puppets almost too perfectly.

Upon arrival at Washington Park, kids were treated to three Moon Bounce tents and complimentary pizza while The Jackson 5 played in the background. Live entertainment included several solo youth performers, participatory song and dance by Express Yourself Milwaukee, youth leader awards, and motivational speakers. A fashion show and dance performances closed the event.

If all it took to motivate adults to be nice to each other were some pizza, ice cream, and a dance party with giant puppets, the world would be a much happier place. The rally truly served its purpose by motivating several hundred young people to sign community peacemaker pledges and treat each other with respect. They had fun and hopefully raised awareness within communities throughout the city.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a few things; you forgot to mention the ACLU of Wisconsin, who is a major contributor and made the largest float in the parade. This year’s parade and rally was a collaboration between the All City People’s Parade and the Summer of Peace initiative. Yes, it was Summer of Peace’s 10 year anniversary, but the All City People’s Parade is in it’s 4th year. And finally, because this was a collaborative event, it was called the Summer of Peace All City Parade and Rally. I hope that you will correct your article and give props to the dozens of artists who work with the All City Parade to give them the credit they deserve.

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