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Brighten the Passage Design Charrette

By - Aug 16th, 2011 04:34 pm
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During the lunch hour on Wednesday, there will be a design charrette for the Brighten the Passage project. If you’re like to stop by to contribute, the group will be meeting on-street at the corner of Water Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

The Brighten the Passager project will create a more attractive connection between the Historic Third Ward and downtown by improving the space underneath the elevated Interstate 794.

As a background on charrettes, they’re a planning technique that consults with all stakeholders to bring all ideas to the table and rapidly reach a solution to a design problem.

Please stop by and contribute. Your suggestions will be shared in advance of the upcoming design competition.

Event Flyer (PDF)

This event is just one of many Landscape Architecture events occurring across the the country on the 17th.


4 thoughts on “Brighten the Passage Design Charrette”

  1. DDVCHI says:

    I think street food vendor concentrations on Broadway and Milwaukee would be a great idea. Maybe as they become more successful offer incentives to build more permanent structures as they have done in Portland. Lining the street with lights and some plants would also be a plus…

  2. DDVCHI says:

    Of course the more logical solution would be a street level boulevard connected to a street level lift bridge like the Millennium Bridge in Boston or Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, but it makes way more sense to dump $500M into a disgusting old bridge that eliminates possible development near the festival park instead, right?

  3. Nate says:

    DDVCHI said it best that the more logical solution would have been a street level boulevard. Water under the bridge now though right?!

    As for this Brighten the Passage project…if their flyer is any indication of design talent, I am skeptical about what is to come. So as not to hate too much let me just say that the goal of the project is well intentioned and better than nothing.

  4. Dave Reid says:

    @Nate a street level boulevard is possible… From Water st. on it is land.

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