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Capitol Police clear building at 4 pm

By - Feb 27th, 2011 02:09 pm
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On February 25, the Wisconsin Department of Administration announced that the State Capitol in Madison would return to “normal business hours” beginning today. According to the announcement, “Capitol Police officials have spoken with and worked closely with the organizers of protest groups at the Capitol, who have agreed to voluntarily remove their items from the building.”

But that memo doesn’t seem to have circulated to the 70,000 protesters still flooding the rotunda and grounds. As of this moment, the rotunda is filled with cries of “Let them in!” and “This is our house!”

The announced plan is start clearing people out at 3:30. Protesters have been given three options:

  1. Leave peacefully
  2. State clearly that you disagree but leave peacefully, possibly in handcuffs (could carry a fine of up to $500)
  3. Refuse to leave and be physically escorted or carried from the building (misdemeanor charge)

Police have just informed the demonstrators that they will be arrested if they stay, at the same time thanking them for their efforts and expressing their support of the protests. U-Stream is carrying a live feed from inside the Capitol. Watch it here.

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