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Charles Allis at 100

By - Jan 31st, 2011 04:00 am
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“Multiple Choice True/False If/Then Solve for the Following Four” by Reginald Baylor (2011). 10-inch Digital Picture Frame Monitors

As we enter February, the Charles Allis Art Museum takes us for a lengthy stroll through Allis in Wonderland, a series of exhibitions that will inhabit the space for the next nine months. It’s not likely that there will be a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the 1911 Tudor-style digs, however, six local artists will offer some provocative tidbits during a panel discussion at the opening reception on Friday, February 4.

It’s all part of the mansion’s Centennial Celebration. The selected six artists, Reggie Baylor, Alexander Boyes, Carol Emmons, Martha Glowacki, Ashley Morgan and Gary Gresl have placed installations throughout the galleries. These contemporary works will pose questions about the role art has played in the venerable history of the Allis, and further, the role it has yet to play. It’s great to have current work integrated into the museum’s exotica, for without updates, the grand old space (however charming their array of porcelains and bronzes) is in danger of losing vim and vigor. It’s not enough to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The respective exhibitions will rotate between February 4 and November 13, 2011, during which time the Allis will unveil rare and previously unseen works from their collection.

As a frequent visitor to the stately place, I’m here to say the thick concrete walls also have a tale or two to tell. On March 1, Frank Alioto will present A Historical Tale of Two Neighborhoods: Brady Street and The Eastside, and on April 27, around the time the first crocus appears, local historical John Gurda will present Made in Milwaukee: The Allis Family and the Rise of Manufacturing.

I’m looking forward to this event. It’s a chance to plunge into a rabbit hole of treasures, both old and new. I think Alice would approve.

The Charles Allis: 100 Years opening reception takes place on Friday, Feb.4, 5:30-8:30 p.m. For more information, click here.

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    Reginald’s work sounds great–good visual!
    Gotta check this out…

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